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Eom of Silvermoon

Abandoned Nest in Feralas

Written by Eom

Feralas is one of the largest zones of Kalimdor, that is home to many interesting things. A considerable part of Feralas is covered by high mountains, and on one of those mountains, there's a big abandoned nest.

Hello fellow adventurers,

Feralas is such a large and highly detailed zone that I keep discovering new things whenever I visit it, even though I had explored it thoroughly while I was doing the quests in this beautiful Night Elf themed zone. One such thing that I recently discovered in Feralas is the huge nest that is built on the slopes of the southern mountains, which inspired me to write this post.

I have no doubt that there are still interesting things in Feralas that I haven't yet discovered and if I ever do, I will be sharing them with you in some future posts. Now, let's see where this abandoned nest is located.


(Before I start, I should mention that I did not try reaching this area on foot or on a ground mount -I may try that at a later time-, so I will assume that you are following my directions by a flying mount.)

If you open the Feralas map, you will notice a large mountain range on the southeast region of the zone, to the south of The Writhing Deep, where you will also see some lake-like formations, which are known to be The Steam Pools. This mountain range covers a very large area and its summit is quite high. If you fly from the bottom of Un'Goro Crater to the top of this mountain, you will better appreciate its majestic height.

Abandoned Nest in Feralas - 1

Once you reach the mountains, if you go to the eastmost lake of The Steam Pools and climb upwards just a little more, you will see the nest on the western slopes of the summit. To be more specific, the coordinates of the nest are 77.8 - 72.0.

This whole area is rather interesting, because although Feralas, as a zone, is targeted for players within level 35-40 range, hence most mobs are around that levels, you will see some level 83-85 mobs such as King Crawlers and Greater Rocs around The Steam Pools and the nest I am talking about. I don't know if this place or the nearby mobs are related to any quests or events but it was surely an interesting find to see such high level mobs in a low level zone.

Abandoned Nest in Feralas - 2

The nest is located on the top of a hill adjacent to the high summit, at the given coordinates. This is actually a safe location for building a nest, as it is at a point where no other creatures can easily reach. I flew around the mountain and checked if there were any other nests of this size but didn't find any others.

It would make sense to think that this nest is some sort of a bird nest, as there are birds (Greater Roc) that are flying around The Steam Pools, just a bit below the nest. I even noticed one of the Greater Rocs approaching the nest and then flying away. Also, the unhatched egg and the broken eggs around the nest look like bird eggs; dragon eggs are usually thorny and I don't remember coming across a dragon nest in an open area like this.

Whatever built this nest, a bird or something else, it must have been a huge creature because when I walked into the nest I better realized its size. It is about 3 meters high with about 20 meters diameter. I am standing to the left of the egg in the below image.

Abandoned Nest in Feralas - 3

You will notice some carcass pieces around the nest, some meat and bones. Most probably they were used for feeding the newly hatched babies by their mother.

One thing I want to grab your attention to is the size of the unhatched egg inside the nest. If we compare the size of this egg to the size of a Greater Roc like in the below image, it will become obvious that the eggs cannot be Greater Roc eggs, unless they just hatched from the eggs which doesn't seem to be the case as they fly and fight pretty well. The eggs must belong to something much "greater".

Abandoned Nest in Feralas - 4

Those of you who enjoy visiting museums should pay a visit to the Ironforge Museum, located in the Hall of Explorers, to see the Roc Talon fossil, possibly the biggest roc talon found on Azeroth so far. I wonder if it came from the same species this nest belongs to.

I have two possible theories for this nest:

1. The nest is new and still in use. The carcasses around the nest still have meat on them, which means they are not too old. It's possible that the mother bird recently fed her newly hatched babies. The fact that there is still an unhatched egg inside the nest also supports this explanation. It makes me think that the mother will return one day when the egg hatches, or perhaps sooner.

2. The nest is old and abandoned. Though the region itself is not in a cold area, the nest is at a pretty high location which makes it possible that the carcasses and the unhatched egg were nicely preserved due to cold weather. The egg and the unhatched baby bird inside are frozen, the hatched birds had flown and spread to Azeroth and the mother bird is long lost.

Whichever is the case, I think this was a perfect choice for building a nest, allowing the new hatchlings to see not only the setting sun but also the rising moon...

Abandoned Nest in Feralas - 5
Eom of Silvermoon
Written by Eom of Silvermoon · 6 Jan 2016
I thank you fellow adventurer, for stopping by. I hope that you liked what you read and consider it worthy of sharing with your friends.


Alunaria Alunaria
23 May 2017 06:59 UTC

How I like the way your mind wanders. Thank you for the inspiration to think deeper and beyond what meets the eye.

I have always liked Feralas a lot. Any zone with Night Elves has me captured in an instant.

Back in Vanilla the zone did not have that many quests, and that just made you explore even more. Today many areas have what is called more linear questing, I believe, and in some ways, it can hinder the free discovery.

That's why I adore coming across areas that no quests lead to; they really let one's mind work :)

Ps. Amazing screenshots! Gives depth and boosts immersion.

Eom Eom
23 May 2017 09:04 UTC

Without doubt, Feralas was the most interesting zone to explore for me. If you look at the map, you will notice only a small part of the zone is level ground, or playable, as most of the zone is covered with water or mountains. But the zone's scale is huge. Open your map while you are walking, or on a ground mount and see how slow your character arrow moves, do it in other zones too and you can compare their scales.

For this exact reason, including the dense forests all over the zone, exploring Feralas not only took longer compared to any other zone (more than a week perhaps) but it was also the most joyful. It still has a lot to be explored, as I did not want to see everything it has to offer at one go.

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