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May your adventures bring you good fortune!
Eom of Silvermoon


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Hello fellow adventurers,

I am Eom of Silvermoon, and I will briefly tell you about me and why I built this website.

I started playing World of Warcraft towards the end of the Mists of Pandaria expansion. As a long time RPG and MMORPG player, and as someone who played most Blizzard games such as Diablo series, Starcraft and Warcraft III for many years, the beautiful World of Warcraft universe quickly grabbed my attention and provided a warm "home" to me as a gamer. Since then, I have been enjoying my adventures in Azeroth in my own way; exploring the game world thoroughly and trying to learn everything I can about the lore, the characters, zones, quests, NPCs, items and so on.

Azeroth is so beautiful and inspirational. I love its art style, its music, its zones and instances, its NPCs and items, its story. The art, music and environment design departments are doing a wonderful job in my opinion. Many times, I find myself visiting a peaceful location in one of my favorite zones, looking at the horizon far away while listening to the amazing soundtracks. Azeroth is also full of interesting characters, events and surprises that you come across during your adventures.

It is this beautiful and living world that inspired me to start writing stories during my journey as I continued to explore Azeroth. I do like writing, but I also like thinking about the things that I experience in the game and coming up with stories about the places I visit, the characters I meet and the foes I defeat.

So, I collected some story ideas as I ventured deeper into the farthest corners of Azeroth and started putting the ideas into words as inspiration continued to flow. After hearing encouraging words about my writing, I decided to build a website where I can post my stories, format them the way I want and include screenshots to enhance the reading experience for my readers. This is how this website started.

Without a set schedule, I will continue to post my fan-fic stories and other things about World of Warcraft that I find to be interesting, as inspiration flows. I do hope that you enjoy reading my stories and I hope that they inspire you too and enrich your adventures in Azeroth. I welcome all types of criticism and suggestions about my stories and about this website. Hopefully we will together make this a nice place that we will enjoy visiting and staying a while, reading some stories and talking about them.

May your adventures bring you good fortune!

Eom of Silvermoon

That who is afraid of dark cannot spread the light...
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