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Eom of Silvermoon

Dragon Fossil on Floating Island in Nagrand

Written by Eom

Nagrand's (Outland) sky is covered with large and small floating islands. If you take a closer look at some of those islands, you can expect to find some interesting things such as this dragon fossil.

Hello fellow adventurers,

Nagrand has always been one of my favorite zones due to its gorgeous scenery. Covered with vast green plains, refreshing waters, beautiful skies and relaxing music, Nagrand is a peaceful zone that I enjoy visiting from time to time.

In addition to its natural beauty, there is another thing that contributes to Nagrand's unique feel as a zone, which is the large and small land masses floating up in the sky. In fact, the image of these floating islands will stick to your mind as soon as you enter the zone from Shattrath City and from that point forward, you will most probably remember Nagrand with its floating islands.

Dragon Fossil on Floating Island in Nagrand - 1

I don't exactly know the origin of these floating islands but my guess would be that they were split from the ground during the shattering of Draenor and turning into Outland as we know today. Knowing that there were no such geological formations in the Nagrand of Draenor also strengthens this idea.

Many of these islands still have trees on them which shouldn't be surprising as you will also notice that the roots of the trees are pretty strong. Seeing the floating islands with trees was not only one of the epic moments in my Azeroth adventures but I was also amazed with the thought that the trees are so strong that they survived the highly devastative shattering and they are still alive and as green as their brethren on the ground.

When I re-visited Nagrand today as I was writing this post, I had a thought that if they ever add player housing to World of Warcraft, I would love to build my house on of one of these floating islands :)

I will now take your attention to a specific floating island, which is hovering above the Horde settlement Garadar. The coordinates of this island are 56.1-37.5. You can also see its location on the map below:

Dragon Fossil on Floating Island in Nagrand - 2

If you approach this island from the northwest direction, you will see something that you will not see on any other floating islands in the whole Outland. It is the skeleton fossil of a dragon.

Actually, since there is nothing to do on these floating islands, no quests to do, no NPCs to meet or slay, no materials to gather; it is easy to miss this fossil unless you are flying in Nagrand skies with an explorer's eye. Below is an image of the dragon skeleton:

Dragon Fossil on Floating Island in Nagrand - 3

The above image tells a number of things about what we are seeing here.

Firstly, assuming that this is actually a dragon fossil, which looks very much like so compared to any other dragon skeleton in other continents, we can say that there were dragons in Draenor before its shattering. I haven't explored Draenor yet but from what I have heard from a friend, he doesn't remember coming across a dragon or remains of a dragon in Draenor. Perhaps, this one had lived a long time ago, much before the current events of Warlords of Draenor.

Secondly, this dragon seems to be a medium-sized dragon. Bigger than some smaller drakes but not as big as Nefarian or other bigger dragons of Azeroth.

And finally, considering the size of the visible parts of the skeleton and its position under the earth, estimating about 100 feet covered by soil, it makes me think that it has been a very long time since this creature found its final resting place. Perhaps, the fossil belongs to an ancient dragon of Draenor that lived thousands of years before our time.

I also noticed an anomaly around the island the dragon fossil is situated in. A small cloud periodically flashing and moving around the island. If you stay at the top of the island a bit and look around, you will see it too. Though, I am not sure if it has anything to do with the fossil because I remember seeing similar anomalies at other places.

So, what do you think the origin of this creature was?

Eom of Silvermoon
Written by Eom of Silvermoon · 17 Jan 2016
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