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How Does Legion's New Transmog System Work?

Written by Eom

The next expansion in World of Warcraft, Legion, will introduce a new transmogrification system which is like a dream coming true for the transmog gear collectors. Let's see the details of this new system.

Hello fellow adventurers,

If you visit the Features section on Blizzard's official Legion page, you will notice a feature which says "Improved transmogrification system". Even though I am a relatively new player, as someone who likes to collect a lot of transmog gear (I even started a personal guild for gear storage purposes), I can easily say that I would gladly pay the full expansion price just for this feature alone.

I liked mostly all the things that I have seen about Legion so far (except the level scaling), but this new transmog system, Transmogrify 2.0 as they call it, is a game changer for me because it is not only about transmogrification but it is also about collection. Actually, since I heard about it, my urge to "start from scratch" started to bug my mind, and finally I decided to pause my progression with everything in the game (leveling, exploration, collecting gear, mounts, pets etc.) till Legion comes out and then start with a new account so that I can start collecting transmog gear from absolute 0 (you can think of my starting from scratch like the "Clean Slate" in The Dark Knight Rises).

DISCLAIMER: Before going into the details about the upcoming transmog system, I want to mention that Legion is still in early Alpha stage and anything you read on this post or on other sources may change as the development continues. My thought is that the core functionality of the system will be available as we saw it so far but some details and extra features may see some changes till the launch of the expansion, based on the player feedback during the Alpha and Beta testing.

Ok, let me now start with briefly explaining how the current transmog system works and then I will continue with the upcoming changes in Legion.

How Transmogrification Works Now

Transmogrification, also known as being able to change your gear (armor and weapon) appearance to another one, was added to World of Warcraft with Patch 4.3.0, during the Cataclysm expansion. The following is a list of features of the current transmog system:

How Does Legion's New Transmog System Work? - 1

- A character can transmog to only its intended armor type. For example, Warrior can only transmog to Plate armor and Mage can only transmog to Cloth armor. Warriors cannot transmog to Cloth armor, even though they can equip it. Weapons also have a similar limitation such as one-handed weapons and two-handed weapons are transmogrifiable among their own groups.

- You need to visit the transmogrifier NPC, Warpweaver Hashom in The Three Winds shop located in the Cathedral Square of Stormwind City.

- You need to pay a certain amount of gold to this NPC to transmog each gear piece. If you are a frequent dress-changer, the cost may add up quite fast.

- You need to have the item previously equipped (hence soulbound) in order to be able to transmog to it. If you haven't equipped the item yet, during transmogrification, a confirmation box will ask your permission to proceed.

- You need to store the item in order to be able to transmog to it. This is the biggest issue with the current transmog system, since there are so many nice armor and weapons to collect but you got a limited storage space, despite the recent addition of the Reagent storage tab in the bank, the extra Void storage tab and bags growing in size from 28-slots to 30-slots. With each new expansion and with content patches in-between, more armor pieces and more weapons are continuously added to the game and the current transmog system was really no longer enough for the collectors.

This is basically how the current transmog system works. Now, let's see what changes Legion's new transmog system is bringing to World of Warcraft.

How Transmogrification Will Work in Legion

The gear type limitations and visiting an NPC and paying for transmogrification will stay pretty much the same, which is fine. What will change is how the transmog gear pieces will be stored and this is actually quite a revolution from the perspective of a serious collector. As I also said in the introduction of my post, this is definitely like a dream coming true.

Firstly, let me give you a link to the official Blizzard post where the new transmog system is introduced briefly:

World of Warcraft - Legion: Game Systems Panel

As mentioned in that post, the transmogrification system will have a complete overhaul. Not only the Transmogrify UI (the window that you see when you visit the transmogrifier NPC) will change, but also a new Wardrobe UI will be added, where you will be storing the appearances of all the items that you obtain, or previously obtained. Pretty big change, right?

If you had the chance to visit or watch Blizzcon 2015, then you already know some important details of the new transmog system. If you didn't have that chance, you can search "WoW Legion Game Systems Panel - Blizzcon 2015" on YouTube and it will return some videos that you can learn more about. I'm not directly linking to any such videos as I am not sure if they are allowed to be posted like that considering the event was a paid one to attend and to be viewed online.

Now, let's see all the features of this new system that I know so far (the below information is collected from Blizzcon footage and Legion Alpha videos):

- The new transmog system is account-wide. Whatever items you unlock with one of your characters will be able to be used by your other characters within the same class-geartype limits.

- You will still be able to transmog to only the allowed gear type for your class. No change here.

- You will still need to visit an NPC (the current one or a new one I don't know) and pay for transmog. No change here.

- You will still need to have the item equippable in order to transmog to it. For example Warrior can't transmog to Paladin-only Plate gear. No change here.

- When you visit the transmogrifier NPC, you will see the new transmogrify UI, which is a major improvement compared to the current one. As you can see in the image below, you will be able to see many transmog pieces at once in a larger window.

How Does Legion's New Transmog System Work? - 2

- In addition to that new Transmogrify UI, when you are not near the transmogrifier NPC, you will be able to open your Wardrobe, just like your Toys or Heirlooms tabs and see what items you have in your collection and which ones you "need" to collect.

- Items will have a note in their tooltips like "You haven't collected this transmog" if you haven't unlocked that item's appearance. That was what I had been hoping to have since I learned about the new transmog system and I am glad they put such a note to easily figure out which items are unlocked and which are not (source: Legion Alpha video by Preach Gaming).

- Once you obtain an item and unlock its appearance, you don't need to keep that item ever again! Woohoo :) My bank and bags will take a good breath, hehe. To prevent any misunderstandings, the items you currently have in your storage units will NOT be deleted or removed. Their appearances will be unlocked (assuming they are soulbound and equippable by that character), but you will never have to keep them again. Of course, if you wish to keep a physical (?) copy of any item, you can continue to do so as you wish. No storage units are being taken away from the players.

- All items which were rewards of previous quests that you had completed before Legion will be unlocked when you log in with your character once the Legion expansion is out. That includes the items that you did not receive as reward. For example, let's say there were 4 items in the quest reward and naturally you only picked one, all 4 appearances will be unlocked automatically, and this will be the case for all the previous quests you had done.

- Likewise, in future quests after Legion starts, when you complete a quest with item rewards, all item appearances will be unlocked regardless of which one you choose.

- When you loot an item, in the open world or in instances etc., if it becomes automatically soulbound and if it is equippable by your character, it will be unlocked. For example, you are doing Molten Core raid with your Warrior and got a Tier 1 Warrior piece, it will be automatically unlocked. However, if you loot a Paladin Tier 1 piece, it will not be unlocked.

- If you loot a "Binds when equipped" item, it will not be unlocked until you equip it. So, make sure to equip it (unless you are going to give or sell it to another player) before vendoring it.

- As you may already know, there are some items in the game which have the exact same 3D model (sometimes with different texture). As far as I checked, all items with the same 3D model and with the same texture will be unlocked under one single Wardrobe entry. I am not 100% sure if it works this way but this was my impression based on the Legion Alpha videos I watched so far.

- CAUTION: Unlike Heirloom items, you can't recreate the unlocked items in your Wardrobe. Therefore, if you want to keep a physical copy of the item after unlocking its appearance, do not get rid of the item.

- Also to clarify one thing, items that you have obtained previously (out of quests) but then got rid of them will not be unlocked. For example, you obtained a Tier 2 piece for your Warrior but then you got rid of it for some reason. It will not be unlocked in the Wardrobe. The reason why the previous quest rewards are unlocked but not your previously obtained (but now ridden) items is that they can track what quests you did, hence what rewards they have, but they can't track what items you obtained and then got rid of during your play period.

- In addition to all the items that you can currently transmog, you will also be able to transmog shirts, tabards and weapon/off-hand enchants too.

- There seems to be some sort of filters that you can use while listing items but I don't know how the filtering works yet.

- You will be able to save outfits for easier transmogging at a later time and you will be able to save different looks for different class specializations. You will also be able to save the hidden slots such as the head, cloak and shoulder etc. (Yes, shoulders will also be hideable in Legion). Outfits can be linked in the chat.

How Does Legion's New Transmog System Work? - 3

- And the best of all, since the Wardrobe will show you which appearances (items) you have unlocked and which ones you are missing, this will provide a new level of item hunting not only in the current content but also in the older content areas. I want to say a "Yay!" for this.


These are the things that I learned about the new transmog system that will be coming with Legion. I am guessing that it will go live in a pre-patch before the expansion is released. So far, I am pretty excited about the new system and I am badly looking forward to having this system as soon as possible as I want to start THE collecting :)

So, what are your thoughts about the new transmog system?

Eom of Silvermoon
Written by Eom of Silvermoon · 7 Jan 2016
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