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Eom of Silvermoon

Level 73 Protection Warrior Magtheridon's Lair Solo

Written by Eom

When I first started leveling in Hellfire Peninsula at level 60, I entered Magtheridon's Lair and got beaten pretty bad by the Hellfire Warders. I came back at level 73 to take my revenge.

Hello fellow adventurers,

Following my solo Classic raid clears before I reached level 70, the Blackwing Lair solo and the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj solo, I continued with my raid adventures with The Burning Crusade (TBC) raids as soon as I left level 70 behind (Patch 6.2.3).

As my first solo TBC raid, I tried Magtheridon's Lair at level 71, since it was a very short raid with only one boss. Clearly, the old content buff was not effective yet, so I couldn't even take down the first group of three Hellfire Warders, waiting on the right after the entrance.

I continued my attempts when I reached level 72, at which point I was able to take down the Warders but still did not have a chance against the Hellfire Channelers. One level later, with some improved gear and the old content buff becoming more effective, I was able to send the evil beast back to whence it came from.


Magtheridon's Lair raid is located in Hellfire Peninsula - Outland, right at the center of the zone, where the now-ruined Hellfire Citadel rests. The entrance of the raid is easy to miss, as it is a tiny gate at the bottom of the west-facing foundations of Hellfire Citadel.

Level 73 Protection Warrior Magtheridon's Lair Solo - 1

I do not know the story of how Magtheridon ended up in that lair, whether he came from somewhere else or spawned inside it but honestly, whenever I get through that small entrance, I keep wondering how that huge beast was able to fit through, if that's how he ended up being there.

Now, let's start with the raid.

I went through the entrance, turned right and walked downwards till I met the first group of Hellfire Warders. If I counted correctly, there are four groups of warders, one to the north of the main chamber, one to the east and one to the west. The last group is patrolling around the chamber. By paying attention not to aggro the patrolling group, I attacked the first pack of Hellfire Warders.

Level 73 Protection Warrior Magtheridon's Lair Solo - 2

My DPS as a Protection Warrior was not enough to take them down quickly, therefore, it took a bit to take care of them. Once I was done with the first group, I continued with the other groups. If you are attempting this raid before max level, it is better to clear all the warders first, because they will come to join the fight when you start fighting with channelers in the main chamber. At least the patrolling group will, so take them all down first, just to be safer.

In the main chamber, I saw Magtheridon, controlled by five Hellfire Channelers. I saw some rubik-shaped cubes near each channeler, probably they are providing the energy to the channelers to hold Magtheridon.

Level 73 Protection Warrior Magtheridon's Lair Solo - 3

Five channelers was not easy fight, especially since they were healing each other with Dark Mending and summoning Burning Abyssals which also had considerable health points. In long-lasting fights like this, where there are multiple mobs with high damage and self-healing abilities, my main supportive skill is Victory Rush. Combined with the Glyph of Victory Rush, it provides a nice amount of healing when you are fighting with mobs up to 10 levels lower than you. Countless times, this skill saved my life, and my group's life while I was tanking in dungeons.

Once the Hellfire Channelers were taken care of, it was now only me and Magtheridon who were still breathing in the chamber. He charged towards me and I responded. He looked much bigger as I got closer to him.

Level 73 Protection Warrior Magtheridon's Lair Solo - 4

The fight with Magtheridon was an endurance fight rather than skill. His damage output was almost at the border of how much I could absorb but he had a large amount of HP, so I just had to continue the fight patiently with the correct timing of my skills. A couple of times he caused earthquakes and knocked me back continuously which made it difficult for me to focus on him. Though not as long as the Twin Emperors fight in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj, it still took about 5 minutes to slay him.

Level 73 Protection Warrior Magtheridon's Lair Solo - 5

When he was finally down, I took a deep breath and shouted a "Yay!" in the General chat channel with the joy of having beaten my first TBC raid as solo. I will now continue with soloing the other raids as I continue my adventures.

Eom of Silvermoon
Written by Eom of Silvermoon · 17 Dec 2015
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