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Eom of Silvermoon

Miniature Town in Uldaman

Written by Eom

Uldaman, an ancient vault of the Titans, is home to numerous secrets awaiting to be revealed. One such secret the Dwarves recently revealed is the miniature town that is situated in the Map Chamber.

Hello fellow adventurers,

I like the Titan themed parts of Warcraft storyline a lot, which is why places with Titan origins in Azeroth have always fascinated me. Uldaman in Badlands of Eastern Kingdoms is one such place.

Uldaman is a massive dig site located on the northern border of Badlands with Loch Modan. It is also the home for a dungeon instance that is intended for players between level 37 and 40.

Miniature Town in Uldaman - 1

I don't remember the Badlands quests related to the other dig sites and Uldaman well, but from what I can see, there is not just one group of Dwarves who are trying to reveal the secrets of Uldaman. The area is filled with Dark Iron Dwarves from the Shadowforge City of the Blackrock Mountain, surveying and digging to further the excavation and unearth whatever is hidden beneath this ancient Titan vault.

The Dark Irons are led by Galgann Firehammer, whom you will encounter as a boss inside the dungeon. If you enter the labyrinth-like dig site and explore the tunnels in detail, you will see that in addition to the things the Dwarves unearthed, there are still some doors awaiting to be opened and treasures to be dug.

Miniature Town in Uldaman - 2

The other group of Dwarves, members of the Explorers' League, are from the Bronzebeard clan led by Lead Prospector Durdin. Apparently, they had come to the dig site before the Dark Iron clan and it seems they are closer to unearthing the secrets of Uldaman.

Now, let's continue with the miniature town that the Dwarves recently revealed.


When you enter the Uldaman instance, you will find yourself in the Hall of the Keepers. To the west of this hall, after you pass boss Revelosh, you will come to the Map Chamber. You will see the miniature town at the center of this chamber. Clear the chamber off Troggs so that you can explore the chamber and inspect the miniature town without interruptions, also beware the stealthed Troggs.

Miniature Town in Uldaman - 3

The miniature town is about 6 x 15 meters in size and it has many relatively big and small structures. Though they remind me of some Elvish buildings I have seen across Azeroth, I don't specifically recall seeing any structures with these exact shapes during my adventures. Some of them are L-shaped and some of them are octagonal. Also, I don't remember seeing any real town in Azeroth which is densely populated by structures like this one.

Miniature Town in Uldaman - 4

Now, I want you to step into the minitaure town. As you will also notice at some certain points, due to the camera angle your viewpoint is lowered and it feels as if you are walking between the buildings inside the town as one of its residents. Whether it was an intended "illusion" by the designer or not, I think it is a nice detail.

One thing that I noticed about these town's structures is that none of them have any doors or windows. No openings of any kind. It can be said that doors or windows wouldn't be much necessary to demonstrate in a miniature town model. Well, that would be an acceptable explanation if this was actually a model of a real town, but is it really a "model"?

Miniature Town in Uldaman - 5

As we know, the Titans carried out a number of experiments on different places of Azeroth and one kind of their experiments was the creation of new species starting with Troggs, continuing with the Earthen and then the Dwarves. But do we know all the details? Do we know all their experiments, all the trials they conducted in their ancient vaults? What if this miniature town was a real town? What if at one point of time it was occupied by some tiny creatures the Titans had created? What if they were very different than our understanding of a standard humanoid creature who did not need doors or windows on the structures they lived in? What if they are still waiting to be revealed?..

If you touch the keystone in this miniature town, a staff-like key will automatically be placed (I believe in the past, players needed to find this key somehow), activating the keystone and opening the door at the end of the Map Chamber, where watcher Ironaya is waiting to take care of the intruders. If you pay attention while fighting Ironaya, you will hear her say "None may steal the secrets of the Makers!". I think she refers generally to all the secrets hidden in Uldaman but what if there was a secret related to this miniature town too?

Whoever had built it and whatever its purpose had been, the miniature town in Uldaman was a nice discovery for me and keeps me wondering to this day.

Eom of Silvermoon
Written by Eom of Silvermoon · 18 Jan 2016
I thank you fellow adventurer, for stopping by. I hope that you liked what you read and consider it worthy of sharing with your friends.


Alunaria Alunaria
21 May 2017 08:39 UTC

Darn. Now I'm wondering too! :)

Fascinating read, Eom, thank you o/

I will look at it in a whole other way next time I visit Uldaman.

Eom Eom
22 May 2017 06:57 UTC

The next time you visit Uldaman, don't forget to take a close look at the ring of The Dead Keeper.

Alunaria Alunaria
22 May 2017 17:13 UTC

Oh, I will - Added that to my big book of places-to-go!

DiamondTear DiamondTear
10 Jun 2017 12:53 UTC

A commenter on Wowhead said that this is an homage to Indiana Jones:

Eom Eom
10 Jun 2017 19:41 UTC

@DiamondTear Thanks for stopping by! :)

I didn't know that staff by its name, and of course I was not aware of the related comments, thank you very much for the link. Glad to know that as a fan of Indy.

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