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May your adventures bring you good fortune!
Eom of Silvermoon
The Future of Profession System in World of Warcraft
Professions, in other words, training, gathering materials, finding and learning recipes, fishing, cooking, crafting items, buying and selling them, all play a major role in my World of Warcraft adventures. Read more...
Written by Eom · 15 Oct 2018
Ghosts of Ahn'Qiraj
As soon as you pass through the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj, you start to hear all kinds of spine-chilling voices, of unknown creatures from the past millennia. Some of them still wander around, some are long gone. Read more...
Written by Eom · 28 Dec 2017
The Voices of Zangarmarsh Mushrooms
Did you know that all creation, all living or non-living things, talk in a way? They do, though, not always in ways we recognize. Some of them talk in ways we cannot hear or feel, with words we cannot make sense of. Read more...
Written by Eom · 28 Oct 2017
What Did the Dwarves Dig Up in Bael Modan?
There are still many ancient secrets hidden beneath the surface of Azeroth, that, if unearthed, might bring unimaginable devastation to the world. I believe the dwarves just found one in Bael Modan. Read more...
Written by Eom · 1 Jul 2017
The Darkest Corner of Azeroth
By dark, I mean dark, really dark. Not night dark, but absolutely no light dark. So dark, you can't even see your own hands. If you have nyctophobia, fear of the dark in other words, this post is not for you. Read more...
Written by Eom · 4 Jun 2017
Twin Exiles of Tanaris
Tanaris, at first look, seems to be an endless, naked desert with not much going on and not much to explore. When you start to take a really closer look though, things will change quicker than you would expect. Read more...
Written by Eom · 1 Jun 2017
Appreciating the Small Details in World of Warcraft - Part 1
Sometimes it may be a little difficult to notice the small but highly interesting details just in front of you, in the heat of doing your quests, fighting mobs or running away from an opposite faction agent. Read more...
Written by Eom · 29 May 2017
Heartbreaking Lament of the Whales of Ashenvale
During my adventures in Azeroth, I find great immersion locations, where I just stop by, and enjoy the surroundings and ambience. I found such a location in Ashenvale, which was the witness of a recent tragedy. Read more...
Written by Eom · 27 May 2017
What Happened in Genevieve's Barber Shop?
If you have been visiting Genevieve's Barber Shop in Stormwind City for getting your hair cut, colored or styled from time to time, after reading this post, you may not want to visit her shop ever again. Read more...
Written by Eom · 16 May 2017
Secret World of Warcraft Dungeon Guide: How to Dungeons 101
What if I told you that I found a secret dungeon guide that provides priceless tips to become a successful dungeoneer in World of Warcraft that not only newbies but also veterans will find to be useful? Read more...
Written by Eom · 30 Apr 2017
That who is afraid of dark cannot spread the light...
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