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May your adventures bring you good fortune!
Eom of Silvermoon
Climbing the Twin Colossals in Feralas
One of my favorite exploration activities in World of Warcraft is mountaineering, which can be quite challenging and fulfilling. Climbing the Twin Colossals was one of the nice challenges for me as a climber. Read more...
Written by Eom · 6 Apr 2017
Who are the Dead Goliaths in Desolace?
I have visited Desolace many times, completed the zone's quests more than once, but this is the first time I am really noticing the gigantic fossils of two snake-man, who are also known as the Dead Goliaths. Read more...
Written by Eom · 28 Mar 2017
A Warcraft Movie Directed by Christopher Nolan?
I saw Warcraft movie on the big screen two times and I quite enjoyed it in both viewings. Still, sometimes I think of a Warcraft movie directed by Christopher Nolan, who is one of my favorite directors. Read more...
Written by Eom · 27 Mar 2017
Miniature Town in Uldaman
Uldaman, an ancient vault of the Titans, is home to numerous secrets awaiting to be revealed. One such secret the Dwarves recently revealed is the miniature town that is situated in the Map Chamber. Read more...
Written by Eom · 18 Jan 2016
Dragon Fossil on Floating Island in Nagrand
Nagrand's (Outland) sky is covered with large and small floating islands. If you take a closer look at some of those islands, you can expect to find some interesting things such as this dragon fossil. Read more...
Written by Eom · 17 Jan 2016
What Is Hidden Beneath Ironforge?
There is a big locked door in The High Seat, the throne room of Ironforge, which seems to be always closed no matter when you visit the city. What could the Dwarves be hiding behind that locked door?.. Read more...
Written by Eom · 10 Jan 2016
The Secret Behind World of Warcraft's Long-Lasting Popularity
Released 11 years ago, World of Warcraft is still the most popular MMORPG with a huge world and one of the most engaging stories ever written for a game, but I think there is another thing that made WoW so popular. Read more...
Written by Eom · 10 Jan 2016
How Does Legion's New Transmog System Work?
The next expansion in World of Warcraft, Legion, will introduce a new transmogrification system which is like a dream coming true for the transmog gear collectors. Let's see the details of this new system. Read more...
Written by Eom · 7 Jan 2016
Abandoned Nest in Feralas
Feralas is one of the largest zones of Kalimdor, that is home to many interesting things. A considerable part of Feralas is covered by high mountains, and on one of those mountains, there's a big abandoned nest. Read more...
Written by Eom · 6 Jan 2016
The Huge Underground Cavern in Ironforge
There is a huge underground cavern beneath the Dwarven capital Ironforge, which is quite easy to miss if you don't look around carefully when you pay a visit to the current rulers of the Dwarves. Read more...
Written by Eom · 5 Jan 2016
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