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Secret World of Warcraft Dungeon Guide: How to Dungeons 101

Written by Eom

What if I told you that I found a secret dungeon guide that provides priceless tips to become a successful dungeoneer in World of Warcraft that not only newbies but also veterans will find to be useful?

Hello fellow adventurers,

Today, as I was reading some lore books in Stormwind Library, the one in the Stormwind Keep (not simply clicking them just for the sake of Well Read achievement, I really do enjoy reading those books), on one of the dusty shelves in a shadowy corner of the library where not so many visitors care to check, I came across this very old but interesting guide, and just wanted to share it with those who haven't seen it yet.

If you are doing random dungeons, I have no doubt that you will find the information it contains to be invaluable. Some parts of it were not perfectly readable, so I put "..." instead. I meant no copyright infringement, so if the publisher kindly requests, I will take this post down immediately.

Secret World of Warcraft Dungeon Guide: How to Dungeons 101 - 1

A Beginner's Guide to Become a Successful Dungeoneer
in Azeroth and Beyond


Written by
High Librarian Alexander Ratosthen

Published by

Publication date

By the permission of Her Highness Queen ...


Part 1: Intro
Part 2: Dungeons of Azeroth
Part 3: How to Dungeons 101
Part 4: Final Words
Part 5: How to Get Your Certificate of Dungeoneering


PART 1: Intro

Hello adventurer,

Thank you for stopping by and opening the cover of How to Dungeons 101 guide. Now that you have taken your first step to becoming a better dungeon explorer, you will definitely notice the grateful looks in your dungeon group members' eyes the next time you enter a dungeon. This guide, once you thoroughly read it, will hopefully help you become a better dungeoneer in no time. I didn't use the term "guaranteed", because if I had, I would have needed to charge each one of you 10 bronze coins for this special guide that was prepared as a combination of experiences and stories of dozens of adventurers during hundreds, if not thousands, of dungeon runs across Azeroth.

By carefully absorbing and practicing the tips and advice presented here in this guide, you will not only no longer be flamed, cursed or kicked from your group, but you will also be welcomed and invited to new dungeon groups formed by the best heroes in the world who wear gear you can see only in your dreams, where you might make new friends or even meet that special person that you would happily spend the rest of your life with (AUTHOR'S NOTE: Seems the publisher inserted this last part for marketing purposes.).

It is a well known fact that the majority of the Azeroth population consists of mighty heroes, most of which are highly skilled charging warriors, blinking mages, taunting hunters and sapstabbing rogues who have been to Outland, Northrend, Pandaria, Broken Isles and even to Draenor (someone has to explain to me how time works again), so they will most probably use their time more efficiently if they just skipped this guide and continued with The Impossible Challenges and Secret Treasures of Azeroth Dungeons (AUTHOR'S NOTE: I completed that guide too, but the publisher said the publication of it will depend on the public interest on this first guide).

As you may have guessed, this guide is mainly intended for those who are newly recruited into the ranks of the Alliance and Horde. For who want to prove themselves in the battlefield as quickly as possible. For who have never been to a dungeon before, or for who feel lost whenever they enter a dungeon with a group of strangers. For who get insulted, flamed, slanged, made fun of, ignored, not given a chance, and finally kicked from the group by those who were once no different, only because they don't know what to do and how to do it. Having said that, even if you are a skilled, experienced dungeoneer who has collected all the 78 dungeon achievements (are you for real??), you may still get some good advice from this guide that you could use in your future dungeon runs.

Now, let's briefly talk about the dungeons of Azeroth and then continue with the main topic of this guide.

PART 2: Dungeons of Azeroth

Dungeons, in Azeroth or in any other planet in our system of …, are one of the core elements of the world and the overall adventure you will experience in your lifetime. Though Azeroth offers a vast number of fantastic dungeons with interesting stories, beautiful scenery and atmosphere, amazing music and valuable treasures, it has been brought to my attention that for a long time now, the citizens of Azeroth have not been truly enjoying the dungeons for what they were intended to, instead, they have been focusing on just rushing through the dungeons with a group of strangers they will most probably never see again, sometimes not paying attention to what really is going on around, not having a clue what to do next or what they are supposed to do in a given circumstance.

Secret World of Warcraft Dungeon Guide: How to Dungeons 101 - 2

As our dungeon records indicate, there are 13 dungeons in Azeroth, scattered around all zones, welcoming adventurers from all experience and skill levels. Each dungeon has its own unique design and structure. Some dungeons are in underground caves, some of them are in city cellars, some of them are in castles and some of them are in open areas. Each dungeon has its own unique story, usually interlinked with the story of the zone. Each dungeon has a varying number of bosses, different mobs, different challenges and different treasures.

Starting with the first dungeon that is appropriate to your experience, you are recommended to continue doing all dungeons as you get more powerful and a better dungeoneer.

Though the mobs, bosses, their skills, the encounter mechanics, the layout and environment of each dungeon are considerably different, there are some universal concepts that you can apply while doing any dungeon, which will surely reduce the amount of wipes, kicks, ragequits, and increase your group's chance for successfully completing the dungeon, but more importantly provide a more pleasant experience for all your group members.

I will provide the list of such concepts in the next part.

PART 3: How to Dungeons 101

In this part, I preferred to use the exact words of Legendary Dungeonmaster … who helped me in preparing this guide. She patiently went through hundreds of notes, recordings and logs provided by participating dungeoneers from all backgrounds and skills. It was an honor to work with her and I can almost hear you thanking her for sharing the valuable tips and advice below.

Here is what she said:


Our world and many neighboring worlds in our system are pressured under a growing threat, a threat that if we fail to defeat will make us pray we were slain in the battlefield. So, I will keep this short and to the point, recruit. Listen carefully and adjust your dungeon practices accordingly, as our success against this threat highly depends on the likes of you.

As an experienced dungeonmaster who served in the roles of a tank, dps and healer countless times, I synthesised the following tips and advice from the experiences of myself and dozens of other dungeonmasters and dungeoneers.

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: To help you with finding the relevant tips for your role easier, I categorized the tips based on roles or all if applicable to all roles.)

[ALL] First and foremost, queue for the role that you intend to do and that you can actually do. For example, if you are a DPS, queue as DPS, not as TANK or HEALER. Each person has a role in the dungeon group and if especially tank or healer does not do their roles, the dungeon group will not function properly.

[ALL] Queue for a dungeon that you have appropriate gear for. If a dungeon just became available for you but you have relatively low gear that will cause you and your group to have issues, continue your adventures to improve your gear before entering that dungeon.

[ALL] If you have never done that dungeon before, before you queue, open its page in the Dungeon Journal, get familiarize yourself with its map, its bosses, and see if there's any important boss mechanics you will need to pay attention to. For dungeons with harder encounters, it is also advisable to refer to … to see how boss mechanics work and what each role is supposed to do in certain circumstances.

[ALL] If you are new to that dungeon and have no idea what to do or where to go or how to do a quest, simply ask (MY NOTE: you can use /i chat command). Often times, experienced adventurers will help.

[ALL] When you first start, let your group members get their quests before engaging in fights. It is not rare to cause a wipe just at the beginning, because everyone was not ready yet.

[ALL] Use the minimap and world map during the dungeon to keep an eye on where your group members are. If you ever get lost, try to go to their marks on the map or ask for them to help you, to give directions. Not asking for help when you need it and trying to find your way on your own will only make things take longer for everyone.

[ALL] If you die and have to run back from the start of the dungeon, pay attention not to aggro any mobs unless you can take them down yourself. It will be hard, if not impossible, for others to come back and help you.

[ALL] Some dungeons have certain mechanics like closing doors, barriers, spells when you start a boss fight which may leave one or more of your group members outside, if you rush to engage with the boss without waiting them to enter. Armsmaster Harlan in Scarlet Halls and Instructor Chillheart in Scholomance are just two examples. Do not attack the boss until all group members are nearby and ready.

[ALL] Pay attention to your environment. Especially be alert to the area effect spells bosses use like fire, poison etc. There may be things that you could use to your advantage or avoid, so keep an eye around yourself as you venture in a dungeon. For example, the traps, and boar rampage during Hunter Bonetusk encounter in Razorfen Kraul. If you leave the burden of keeping you alive on the shoulders of the HEALER in a case where even the best HEALER would fail where you could just avoid it, you will most probably die.

[ALL] Preserve your useful cooldowns for critical moments like boss fights, like the tank is about to fall or one or more members of your group have fallen. Using a cooldown that might save your group, on a regular mob while there is no risk of wipe is a waste of resources.

[ALL] Carry health potions and healing bandages on you. You will certainly encounter situations where you wish you had them.

[ALL] When you find treasure, take only what you need. Keep in mind that any items that you take without a need, you will most probably be preventing one of your group member's improvement (MY NOTE: I guess the Need/Greed loot system is mentioned here.).

[DPS] Follow the TANK, not the HEALER, or your own instincts. The leader of a dungeon group is the TANK. TANK is who leads and controls the battle in a dungeon. If you don't like following someone else's lead, you should seriously consider being a TANK or not joining group dungeons at all.

[DPS] If you are a ranged DPS, unless it is required to do otherwise by certain mechanics, position yourself close to HEALER during the fights. Most HEALERs have AOE or similar healing spells that can heal from a close distance and would work better if the group is closely packed. Though, you should also keep an eye if the boss is using any AOE skills that would make a closely packed group a better target.

[HEALER] Your first duty is to keep the tank alive. I repeat, your first duty is to keep the tank alive. Your second duty is to keep yourself alive. Then comes the DPS. If tank falls, there won't be a point for keeping you or the DPS alive, unless the amount of the remaining mobs/boss health is not more than you can handle. In time, you will be able to make better judgments about which group member to focus your healing on.

[HEALER] Your duty is to keep your group alive by focusing on your healing spells. However, if the encounters don't require you to heal non-stop, especially if you have good, well-geared TANK and DPS, you can also use your damage dealing spells to speed up things, without sacrificing from your healing duty and putting the group in danger.

[HEALER] Follow the tank, not the DPS, or your own instincts. If you follow DPS, TANK will most probably fall soon, hence you and DPS too afterwards.

[HEALER] During long fights, e.g. boss fights, position yourself close to the TANK but also close to the DPS. If DPS is too far that it prevents you healing the TANK, always prefer to be close to the TANK. Let the DPS who desires your healing come to you.

[HEALER - DPS] Let the TANK handle aggroing. How the TANK does it might not be the best way to do it, or how you would do it, but if you want a smooth dungeon run, just let the TANK handle aggroing (MY NOTE: For goodness sake, write this tip on a paper, frame it and hang on your room wall!). In rare cases, where the group is very good, the TANK and HEALER can handle many mobs with no issues, and TANK is ok with others aggroing, only then you may aggro too.

[HEALER - DPS] If you aggro any mobs by mistake or any mobs come to attack you out of the blue, go near the tank. Tanks have AOE abilities which will quickly get the threat of those mobs off you. Don't stay where you are and expect the tank to come to you as the tank may be busy controlling other mobs, saving the healer, or may not have seen that you are under attack.

[TANK] If you are new to tanking and if you have never done that dungeon before, do not do it as TANK first. Do it as a DPS or HEALER, learn the dungeon and bosses, observe what the TANK is doing. Only then, attempt to do it as a TANK.

[TANK] Aggro only as much as you, the HEALER and the DPS can handle. Try aggroing more if your group is good, but don't put the group in danger or cause unnecessary stress by overdoing it. Also, don't aggro too few of mobs. Keep it at a balance.

[TANK] Don't keep your eyes only on the mobs you are currently engaged with. Keep an eye on the HEALER, on the DPS, on other closer mobs, the positioning of yourself and the group as a whole. If any group member is in trouble, move there and get the aggro off.

[TANK] If the HEALER is not in or near the healing range, which is no more than 40 yards, do not engage in a fight unless you are sure you can handle it with no healing. Any blame to a HEALER who is not in the healing range because the TANK is moving too fast is a blame that should be directed to the TANK.

[ALL] My final advice, recruit, I left this one to the last as it is the most important of all, is that no matter what mistakes your group members do, no matter what failures you experience, never and never shout at them, never say insulting words at them, never make fun of their family members, their disabilities or disorders, never be the reason for them losing their hope for a peaceful living in Azeroth. Be patient, be encouraging, be helpful, be kind, if you notice mistakes warn nicely, tell what to do and what not to do kindly, for one day you will definitely need that attitude towards yourself in a dungeon that you have not stepped into before.

Do not forget that our world's survival depends on you, recruit.

Dungeonmaster Y… F…

Secret World of Warcraft Dungeon Guide: How to Dungeons 101 - 3

PART 4: Final Words

If I were you, I would take her words and apply them to the letter. Whenever we met for collaboration on this guide, I could smell the air of a different dungeon on her. She definitely knows what she is saying.

To summarize this guide, you are free to adventure as you wish in the open world and when you are on your own. However, when you join a group to do a dungeon by selecting a specific role for yourself, you are expected to do what that role is supposed to do and pay attention to your environment as you venture into the deepest corners of the dungeons.

It may be hard to apply all the tips provided in this guide at once, but the more you try, the better you will become in the end. As a result, you and your dungeon group will have a much more pleasant experience as a whole.

If you think you have fully absorbed the information provided above, you may continue with getting your certificate of dungeoneering.

PART 5: Certificate of Dungeoneering

Thank you for taking your time to read How to Dungeons 101. As soon as you complete your reading, go see your class trainer in any major city of Azeroth and tell that you are ready for your Apprentice Dungeoneer Trial. This is important, remember to go to your class trainer only after you finish reading this guide and you have a copy of it in your bag. The trainer will put you to a long and difficult test to measure your knowledge, skills and understanding of this guide. Assuming that you absorbed all the information provided in this guide, you will have a high chance for success. If you succeed, you will be given your Certificate of Dungeoneering: Apprentice and from that point forward, you and your group members will be having much better dungeon runs.

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: A free copy of this guide is made available for any citizen of Azeroth that just started their dungeon adventures. The copies can be requested at … Note that if you are older than 20 (MY NOTE: I guess he's referring to level 20 here), you will not be able to see the guide at the specified location. Also, taking into account the everchanging nature of dungeons, races and classes, and the market price for the paper used in the publishing of this guide, this guide may be updated from time to time.)

End of the How to Dungeons 101


Unfortunately, it seems I got the last copy of the guide to take my trial and get the certificate, still, if you ever visit the Stormwind Library, I highly recommend that you look around in detail and see if you will be able to find another copy.

Eom of Silvermoon
Written by Eom of Silvermoon · 30 Apr 2017
I thank you fellow adventurer, for stopping by. I hope that you liked what you read and consider it worthy of sharing with your friends.


Alunaria Alunaria
14 May 2017 19:11 UTC

That was a very entertaining read. I had no idea such a gem existed! Thank you for sharing, what a fantastic site you have made here.

I look forward to more :)

Eom Eom
15 May 2017 09:34 UTC

Thank you Alunaria :) I honestly think such an instructive in-game dungeon guide, as a readable book, would be much helpful to newcomers and those who want to play a new role. I have seen tanks who have no idea what they are supposed to do, whereas they should be the ones who lead, by definition.

Alunaria Alunaria
21 May 2017 08:42 UTC

You are right - Blizzard could very well consider to have a questline one must do before choosing specialization, involving such a book :)

Cesareorc Cesareorc
25 Sep 2017 09:56 UTC

Thank you for sharing! It gives me new hope to eventually master dungeons :)

Very well written, hoping for more.

Eom Eom
25 Sep 2017 11:39 UTC

Hello Cesareorc, and welcome to WoW Stories! :)

Do not ever get discouraged that you die or perform not as well as you could or from behaviors of some certain type of players. Azeroth is an amazing place and it is best enjoyed without a competitive mindset, or without feeling "I am not doing good", unless you are aiming to be a world class raider or PvP'er.

Treat it as a neverending adventure and enjoy as much as you can. It is beautiful and inspirational, when you take it slow and just really look around yourself. The amount and quality of content and the details WoW offers is unmatchable by any other game.

Have safe dungeon adventures :)

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