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Eom of Silvermoon

Silithus Got My Sons - Part 2

Written by Eom

Losing his three sons in Silithus in a tragic way, a father travels all around Azeroth seeking guidance for finding his sons. He finally finds out what he needs to do, but is he ready to find out the truth?

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Continued from: Silithus Got My Sons - Part 1


Seeing all these new places, meeting with races that I had never seen before and spending time with my dear Shainella, no matter how difficult the journey was and how much we had to fight to survive or to help our friends, I was having the best times in my life. Finally, I was becoming the man that I had always wanted to be and doing things that really mattered. Seeing the proud look in Shainella's eyes was making me the happiest man in the world.

During nights, I was still having the same dream that was now visiting me more frequently since I had left my home lands. The eagle-headed figure was still calling me to south. I was not sure but I could say that since I met Shainella, the call had become much stronger. I continued to keep my dreams to myself as I did not want to worry Shainella or anyone else; I didn't even know if it was something to worry about.

When the reinforcements from Nordrassil arrived, we started to move towards south once again. We witnessed many unfortunate events, many abandoned battlefields, and many graveyards on our way to Desolace and to Karnum's Glade at its center. It was once known to be as one of the first Night Elf establishments in the central Kalimdor, and was renamed after Karnum, who stayed there as was instructed by Lady Tyrande.

Desolace had a very different environment compared to all the places I had seen so far. It was not a desert, yet you would have difficulty seeing one single tree no matter haw far your eyes could see. It was full of wild creatures I had never seen before: Basilisks, Scorpids, Kodos, Lizards, Elementals and more. Not only that, but some parts of Desolace were like huge open graveyards of ancient giant beasts, filled with skeletons.

Karnum's Glade was a relatively safe and isolated place compared to its surrounding areas. So, our group stayed there in peace for a while, to rest and to replenish our resources which would help us in the rest of our journey.

Karnum's Glade was also the place where Shainella and I got married. We had finally wanted to become one and decided to build our own family and continue our journey as wife and husband. It was a happy day for all of us, probably the happiest since we had left Darnassus. After all those losses and battles we had been through, our company finally had some joyful time during the celebration. It was a wedding of remembrance, under the soothing shadows of the Glade's huge trees and the blessings of the forest spirits.

Silithus Got My Sons - 4

At our wedding night, I saw the same dream again. This time the eagle-headed figure was telling me that I and Shainella was soon going to have a baby boy and that we were to name him as Bornix. Repeating the strange name in my mind for the next couple of days, I chose to ignore the dream and focus on my dear Shainella.

Shainella had made me the happiest man in the world. Waking up in the mornings to see her beautiful eyes looking at me, penetrating my skin and warmly touching my soul... what else would I want?

Having been love drunk in the following months, I do not remember much of the parts of our journey between when we left Karnum's Glade and when we reached the northern mountains of Silithus, to the south of Feralas. The only thing I remember is that while passing near Maraudon, we were ambushed by a hostile Centaur tribe and lost some of us during the fight. We buried our dead at the top of a hill south of the Kodo Graveyard and continued our way.

At the border where Feralas and Silithus met, we saw Isildien, an ancient Night Elf temple which was now in ruins, ransacked by brute Ogres. Though it is not the Night Elf way of handling things, seeing the temple in ruins and Ogres having fun around it, some of them even making that silly Ogre dance, Leothril went off the deep end and ordered us to leave no Ogre alive, and so we did that day.

After the sad incident, we climbed the mountains through the High Wilderness Pass. It was a sharp and dangerous path but it was also the only path to Silithus from Feralas and to our luck, it was only usable if there were Night Elves in the group.

At the top of the mountains, we made a camp to rest and gain energy for the last remaining part of our journey. As we were sitting around the camp fire with our friends during the night, me and Shainella looking at our star Tariel, she whispered into my ears that we were going to have a baby. I can't describe the happiness I was burst into with words. Shouting like mad, hugging everyone in the camp and accepting celebrations, we spent the night like a fest.

When I put my head on the pillow that night, the dream I had at our wedding night and the name that was mentioned by the eagle-headed figure came to my mind and I wondered if our baby was going to be a boy. I was almost going to talk to Shainella about my dream but somehow I chose to stay silent, and went to sleep.

If you ever go to Silithus from Feralas, you can still see the remains of the camp that we had built close to the end of the passage on the Silithus side. You will also see the fire that Leothril had lit using one of his everburning firewood, so that future travelers would be able to use the camp.


The first thing I thought when I saw Silithus on the other side of the mountains was how beautiful the place looked and how it seemed to be the place that I had been dreaming of. After 18 long months of tough journey, with many good and bad moments, we had finally reached Silithus.

It took a couple more weeks for us to search the region for the best location to establish our base. Once our search was finished, Leothril picked the perfect spot for the base, a hill at the center of Silithus, on the road which was coming from Un'Goro and ending at the Scarab Wall on the southern border.

So we started building the Cenarion Hold, the first and last defense of Kalimdor on the southernmost region against the Qiraji Empire. I and Shainella were working very hard and helping others in any way we could. During the days, we were hunting for food and resources and scouting the area to learn about our new home, and at nights we were crafting armor and other needed accessories using the leather and fur we were gathering. During our journey, I had kept teaching Shainella about leatherworking and as a fast learner, she quickly grasped the tricks of the trade and together, we were preparing all the things Cenarions needed in a quick fashion.

Silithus Got My Sons - 5

Silithus was relatively more peaceful compared to all the other places that we traversed through. It seemed that the sealed Scarab Wall was doing a good job at preventing any Qiraji creatures from passing through. Making use of this peaceful period, we continued enhancing our Hold, gathering more resources and exploring the area in more detail.

During our interactions with the local tribes of Silithus, we obtained some ancient manuscripts telling about the history of the Qiraji Empire and the long-forgotten battles that took place between them and the people of Kalimdor ages ago. In one of those manuscripts, I saw a drawing of the eagle-headed figure that was visiting me in my dreams since I was a young boy. According to what the manuscript said, it was an immortal Qiraji Emperor called as Anub'Isath, who had tried to invade Kalimdor ages ago with no success.

I had finally found out who that was visiting me in my dreams, but knowing that the Scarab Wall was impenetrable and we were safe in the Hold, I didn't feel a need to talk to anyone about it.


Days were passing quickly. Soon, we were holding our baby in our arms. It was a beautiful and strong baby boy, he was smiling at us all the time. As I was holding him in my hands for the first time, I noticed a pale birthmark at the bottom of his right cheek that looked a bit like an eagle's head. At that moment, I remembered about the name I was told by Anub'Isath in my dreams. Though it was quite an unfamiliar name to Night Elf traditions, I insisted Shainella for naming our son as Bornix. I prepared all the sweet gifts to convince her to give the name I was told, without telling her about my dreams. She looked unwilling for a while but eventually agreed.

With the arrival of Bornix, our lives with Shainella had become just brighter and happier. Leothril had given us permission for a couple of months which allowed us to spend most of our times with our baby boy.

After a long and tiring afternoon, I was sleeping with Bornix in my arms when I saw another dream, in which Anub'Isath visited me again and told me that Shainella and I were going to have twin sons after our first and that we were to name them as Qem and Manax. Without being able to give a meaning to all these dreams and the names, I continued to keep the dreams to myself and see if what I was told was actually going to happen.

As time passed and new families were formed in the Circle, we needed more space and new houses to accommodate our growing population. Realizing this need, Leothril asked the opinion of all the members and we decided to expand our base in Silithus by building a village on the hills to the southeast of the Hold.

With Shainella and our baby son, we were among the ones who left to build the village and have their homes located there from that point forward. We were sad to having separated with the main group but it was not a long distance and it was going to be a fresh new beginning for us, so we showed the same enthusiasm while building the new village as we showed while we were building the Hold.

One day, as I was helping the builders with one of the houses in the village, Shainella came to me with a bright, smiling face and whispered into my ears the news that we were going to have a new baby. I jumped down from the wooden platform that I was working on and started to dance like no Night Elf has ever danced before. I then grabbed Shainella in my arms and we danced together. Everyone was looking at us with surprised faces, but I believe they soon understood what was going on.

Soon after I learned Shainella was pregnant, I started to think of my dreams again which were now visiting me more frequently. Anub'Isath had told me that we were going to have twin sons after Bornix; I did not know if what he told was coming true, only by waiting was I going to learn.

As her pregnancy progressed, Shainella started to have terrible pains that she never had while she was pregnant to Bornix. Her tummy was also larger than the first time, so I kept wondering to myself if my dream was coming true.

Towards the end of her pregnancy, Shainella had unbearable pains. She was not able to move at all, spending whole days in her bed, crying and bleeding. I could not help her much as there was nothing I could do other than being there for her and holding her hand to try to sooth her when the cramps were making peak.

At the day of the birth, I was standing outside of our house with my friends, Shainella was being treated by our midwife and other women of the village. At one instant, her screams reached to a heartbreaking high level; not being able to do anything was tearing my heart apart. My friends were trying to calm me down and asking me to be patient.

Moments after her last scream, we heard the cries of two babies, and the midwife came out to say:

"You have two healthy sons."

She did not say anything else and I could not ask anything either. I rushed into the house and found Shainella lying on the bed, her life energy was drained from her and given to the two helpless baby boys lying right in her arms...

Show understanding my friend, for my preferring to keep the pain I had that day to myself, and ask me no questions of it.

We buried her in the new graveyard that was built near the Hold. Standing in front of her flower-covered grave with Bornix attached to my leg crying and our two new sons in my arms unaware that they were never going to see their mothers, we bid our last farewell to my wife, to the mother of our sons, to my dear Shainella...

Silithus Got My Sons - 6

I named our sons as Qem and Manax. Respectful of my pain, nobody asked me why I chose those names and I told nobody about it either.


The following years were sorrowful for me. I had lost one part of mine and I was never going to be whole again. All I could do was to focus my time and energy on raising our sons as I now had to be both a father and a mother to them. Everyone in our village and also in the Hold were very helpful to us; if it weren't for their help, I wouldn't have been able to pass through that difficult times and raise our sons into healthy and happy kids.

As our sons were growing, the years seemed to be passing even faster. I loved them so much and did my best to raise them as good Night Elf men. We were spending most of our times together, I was teaching them how to hunt and how to do leatherworking, they were turning into great apprentices. They were always kind and helpful towards others in our settlement and so they were much loved by all Cenarions.

Bornix was becoming a master with the crossbow. He was telling me "Father, when I hold my crossbow, I feel the freedom and I feel like I can do anything." which was causing a smile on my face. Qem and Manax were mastering in bow, improving their skills with poisonous and magic arrows. It was a great joy of mine to watch them from a distance while they were practicing their marksmanship and racing on the horseback to see who would make a full turn around the Hold before the others.

Manax was a skilled wood craftsman with a great passion in carving shapes and figures from wood. He was making gifts of wooden crafts that he was giving to everyone in the village and the Hold. One day, he came to me and showed a small wooden eagle head that he had carved beautifully. He said that he had made it looking at his elder brother's birthmark and that he wanted me to have it as a gift. Proud of my son's skill, I accepted it and placed it in my journal where I kept it since then.

My sons were happy as they could be, as I and everyone around us were doing our best so that they wouldn't feel the absence of their mothers. But still, every once in a while, I would see the boys coming together far away from the village and crying silently for their mother. Never had the courage to interrupt them during one such moment, as it would have broken my heart beyond repair.

Every year, at the birth day of Qem and Manax, we visited their mother's grave, to send her our prayers and to tell her how good men our sons were turning into. During our visits, I was bursting into tears, having missed my dear Shainella so much and feeling sorry for the boys as they never had a chance to know their mother.


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Eom of Silvermoon
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