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Eom of Silvermoon

Silithus Got My Sons - Part 3

Written by Eom

Losing his three sons in Silithus in a tragic way, a father travels all around Azeroth seeking guidance for finding his sons. He finally finds out what he needs to do, but is he ready to find out the truth?

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Continued from: Silithus Got My Sons - Part 2


It was 40 years ago, when something terrible happened that was going to change all our lives.

We had been settled in Silithus for 20 years back then. Bornix was now 19 and his brothers were 17. They had turned into great Night Elf men as any father would want their sons to be. They were now joining our scout groups and expeditions to help nearby villages and other Night Elf Settlements in neighboring areas. Seeing how a wonderful job they were doing, I can't describe how proud I was of them.

One night, I visited the graveyard alone, as I wanted to talk to my Shainella in private. The sky was clear and our star Tariel was shining upon her grave. I knew that she was seeing me as I was seeing her. That night, I realized once more of how much I loved her, while tears were coming down on my cheek. I told her about how I missed her deeply and how proud I was of our sons so she should be. I told her how terribly I wanted to see her just one more time again.

As I was crying silently, I saw a dark cloud forming high in the sky to the south. In just a few seconds, a face became visible in the cloud. It was the face that was visiting me in my dreams since my childhood, it was the face of Anub'Isath. It was standing still but as it grew in size, it felt like it was coming towards me. There was no one else around, only me who was witnessing this scene.

When it stopped growing, the terrifying face of Anub'Isath started to speak in a way that I could only hear in my mind. He said:

"The time has finally come. You did well, my servant. Your task is now over, go back to where you came from or stay and witness those all who you hold dear perish."

Anub'Isath's face ended its speech with a terrible voice I would not dare to describe, and then faded away into the darkness. I had no idea what his words meant but they had planted a growing fear in my heart. I quickly left the graveyard and ran back to our home where I took a deep breath after seeing all my sons were in deep sleep.

I did not have the courage to go outside again, so I decided to spend the night at home and visit Leothril at the Hold with the first light in the morning and tell him about what I saw. After putting gentle good night kisses on my sons' cheeks, I went to bed, trying to keep my eyes open till morning.


I woke up next morning to terrible shouts and screams coming from all around the village. Jumped from my bed and went to my sons' room at once. They were not there, their beds were empty and not tidied as they would always do before leaving the house. Quickly checked every corner of the house calling their names, they were gone. Grabbing my armor and bow, I came out of the house.

I found myself in the middle of a chaos. The village was being invaded by huge bug-like creatures from all directions. Creatures that looked like ants, spiders and flies, in all colors you could imagine. Everyone was running around in panic, those who could fight were engaging the creatures and trying to send them back to whence they were coming from. I joined my friends and started to shoot my arrows on the creatures. As more of us woke up and we started to organize a better defense, we slowly gained the positional advantage and started to push the invaders back out of the village. Some of us had fallen but we also took down many creatures.

Silithus Got My Sons - 7

With a final push, we slayed the last group of invaders who were still close to our village. In the distance, we saw the remaining few retreating and disappearing from eyesight over the hills.

Making sure those who survived in the village were safe and secure and leaving a group of guardians for defending the village, the rest of us rushed to the Hold to see the situation there.

My eyes were looking for my sons and I was asking everyone if they saw them, unfortunately nobody had seen them that morning. I was hoping to find them at the Hold. When we reached the Hold, the scene was no different than our village. Apparently, they had had a bloodier fight and they had some fallen Cenarions as well. Leothril gathered everyone around the central well to make a count of those who survived and to discuss about what our next steps would be.

After quickly reporting the situation in the village, I asked if anyone from the Hold saw my sons during the chaotic fight. All replied negative. Right at that moment, the watcher at the top of the watch tower shouted:

"Yes, I saw your sons! I saw them captured and being dragged by those filthy creatures to north behind that..."

Before the watcher finished his words, I was already running in the direction he pointed, with my bow in my hand and my arrow quiver on my back. I heard some pale shouts from behind, I guess Leothril and others were telling me to stop but I had no time to stop. My sons were captured and I could not let whatever captured them to disappear. So, I followed the tracks of the creatures.

I ran and ran, without giving any breaks to even take a breath and finally came to a huge hive-like crater which was definitely not there before; me and my sons had passed through there only a couple of days ago. The crater was like the body of a huge creature with weirdly-shaped tendrils covering all of its surface. It looked as if it was alive. After a quick search, I found an entrance and went through it without hesitation.

Silithus Got My Sons - 8

It was a dark, stinky place, like a narrow tunnel dug by the bug-like creatures that attacked us. I did not have any lights near me, so I was walking slowly and carefully. It was when I turned around a corner, that I felt a cold and paralyzing sting on my back. I passed out without being able to look back to see what stung me.


When I regained my consciousness, I was being carried back to Cenarion Hold by a group of guardians led by Leothril. I tried saying something but I couldn't speak. It must have been due to the poison that was injected in my veins by the creature that stung me. Seeing my struggle to speak, Leothril kindly touched my shoulder and told me that if they hadn't arrived in time, the creature that stung me would have taken me deeper into the tunnels, and that I was now being taken to the Hold where our healer, Zeinorai, would be taking care of the poison that paralyzed me. Under the hot summer sun shining in the sky, I passed out again.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Zeinorai waiting near the bed with some of my friends from the village. She told me that I had been unconscious for three days and that there were no new attacks on the Hold or the village, but groups of scouts, by the order of Leothril, had been searching the whole Silithus and the hives for my sons. After eating a bit and feeling the strength to walk, I thanked her and my friends and quickly left to see Leothril.

Leothril kindly showed his gladness for seeing me up again but the news he gave me were no good news. He said that during their search, they had discovered two more huge hive craters scattered around Silithus: The one where I was stung by the creature was to the northwest, very close to the Hold, which was relatively smaller compared to the other two. One of them was to the southwest, at the edge of the western mountains and the last one was to the southeast, at the south border with the Qiraji Empire. All three hives had multiple entrances, complex tunnels and inner chambers. They all seemed empty and no matter how far the scouts explored deeper into the tunnels, they had seen no tracks of my sons. His thinking was that being sealed by the Scarab Wall for centuries, the Qiraji Empire had finally found their way to infiltrate Kalimdor by digging such a huge network of tunnels and chambers from under the wall and apparently beneath all Silithus. He also said that they had given the name "silithid" to the creatures, meaning "coming from under Silithus".

I told him that I was feeling well enough and asked him to give a group of guardians to my aid, so that I could continue the search and as their father, maybe I would be able to find the tracks of my sons or see things that others might have not noticed. He accepted my request, warning me to be extra careful and not to continue the search after the sun sets.

After getting ready in a short time, I and a group of five of the best guardians Leothril gave to my aid left the Hold before the noon. Our plan was to search all the hives in detail and go as deep as we could till we found my sons. We started our search with the closest hive to the northwest, which a scout had just reported seeing some silithid activity.

As we approached the hive, I was shocked by the sight of it. It was much larger than the one I had seen days ago. It was now covered with teeth like structures and moving tendrils that would give you a disturbing feeling. As we stepped in the hive crater, it felt like the ground was moving and the locations of the tendrils and entrances were changing slowly.

We didn't see any silithid creatures around but the moving ground and the sounds the tendrils were making felt as if an army of bugs were running in all directions beneath the ground. We counted three entrances on the crater and started our search by entering through the one to the south of the hive.

It looked quite different than the first time I entered the hive. The tunnels were much larger now, they were illuminated by bug larvas spreading their light in all directions and the walls of the tunnels were beating like a pulse. As if we had entered a different dimension right in the middle of the desert. As we continued, we were marking our path with small rocks so that we would not be lost.

The first opening was a small one, it had a small chamber at its end, which seemed to be a breeding chamber. We exited via the entrance we came in and continued with the other entrances. The second entrance was leading into a long tunnel. As we proceeded, we noticed that the third entrance was also connected to this tunnel. After a couple of minutes of walk, the tunnel split into two. We didn't want to split our group so we chose one of the wings and went further.

Silithus Got My Sons - 9

Following the tunnel up and down, climbing spiral structures and drawing circles for about half an hour, we ended up in a large chamber. This was a chamber with architecture that I had never seen before, it almost looked like it was carved inside a living giant bug. It had a very high ceiling that we couldn't even see it. There was a platform at the center, looked like it was being used by their commanders while giving orders to the army of silithids.

There were still no tracks of my sons. Passing the chamber, we kept moving deeper inside the hive. Soon after we left the chamber behind, we saw a pale light at the other end of the tunnel. It didn't take long to reach the light, which appeared to be an exit. When we came out of the exit, we realized that we were not at the same hive that we first entered. From the look of the mountains to the west, it was obvious that we were now in the hive that was to the southwest of the Hold. Looked like the silithid creatures had some sort of connection between the hives through tunnels.

Quickly checking around the hive crater, we entered through another opening and followed a tunnel that was similar to the one we entered in the first hive. Passing many dead ends and large chambers and continuing for hours, we neither saw any signs of creatures nor any tracks of my sons. When we exited one of the tunnels, we noticed that we had just come back to the first hive we started with.

The hive looked familiar, we were sure it was the first one we started our search with but it was also different in some ways. The entrances were now in different locations, the tunnels were now quite unfamiliar and they had no lighting at all.

My heart was in pain for my lost sons and even though I wanted to find them badly, none of us had any more energy left in our muscles to continue. Being exhausted by walking through the endless and airless tunnels and now that the stars were starting to shine in the sky, we decided to stop our search and start again the next day, so we went back to the Hold.


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Eom of Silvermoon
Written by Eom of Silvermoon · 25 Dec 2015
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