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Eom of Silvermoon

Silithus Got My Sons - Part 5

Written by Eom

Losing his three sons in Silithus in a tragic way, a father travels all around Azeroth seeking guidance for finding his sons. He finally finds out what he needs to do, but is he ready to find out the truth?

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Continued from: Silithus Got My Sons - Part 4


The ship set sail for Booty Bay in the afternoon. My sea journey took about two months. Sick of being in the sea for so long, I kissed the ground when we landed at Booty Bay. After resting for a day in the Bay, I hired a local guide to take me to Zul'Kunda, the Troll settlement that the Wyrmbog shaman had mentioned.

It was a long and dangerous journey through dense jungles and ruins of old civilizations. What I was seeing as we moved further north with my guide was all a brand new world to me. Once we arrived at Zul'Kunda, I asked for an audience with the clan leader. The guards took me to him and left us alone. I showed the note to the leader of Zul'Kunda Trolls, and told him about my journey so far and how I was led to him. He first smelled the paper I gave to him and then made some strange drawings on the ground with his staff that I did not understand what to make of. He called for his guards and sent one of them to go and bring their Voodoo Priest for according to what the leader said, he was the only one who could guide me.

The Voodoo Priest was the most interesting looking creature I had ever seen. He had a scary mask on his face that I will never forget. A white mask with eye and mouth openings painted with blood and some wild beast drawings on the sides. It would have been hard to classify him as a Troll, as he did not look like his clansmen at all. As if he had a combined look of all the beings he was communicating with during his rituals.

After hearing the details of my visit from the leader and after taking a good look at the note, he started a weird meditation that I would never want to witness again. It made me feel like my blood was draining, it was a very painful experience for me. When he finished his meditation, he pointed north with his long-nailed fingers and said things that I could not understand. The leader translated the Priest's words for me as:

Silithus Got My Sons - 13

"You will go north, beyond the jungle, over the darkness; pass the river and the forest, there you will find what you seek."

Having found my answer and possibly the last clue that I needed, I left the Troll village, leaving a couple of gold pieces for their help. The leader was kind enough to send two of his guards to accompany me as I continued towards north and till I left the jungle.

I will skip telling about the next area I passed through, as it was full of darkness, all kinds of nightmarish creatures that you could imagine. I continued my way without leaving the road and without grabbing any unnecessary attention on me. When I reached the river, I took a deep breath and gave a break to spend the night without lighting a fire.

The next morning, as I continued my way, I was feeling that I was getting closer to whoever that had sent the note to me. Elwynn was a cheerful and peaceful forest that I enjoyed visiting. It was the home of our Human friends and it was offering a friendly feeling after so long of traveling across hostile territories. I kept going north as the Troll Voodoo Priest told and finally came to a lake at the end of the forest.

There was a small island at the center of this lake and the island was home to some kind of monument made of large stones. The note was saying "the stones at the center of the lake", so this must have been the stones and the lake the note was referring to. But what about the burning mountain?

As I was exploring the surroundings of the lake, I noticed a small path on the hills to the north that was going up and up in zig zags. Without hesitation, I started to climb the hills by following the path. After about an hour of climbing, I finally came to a spot where I could see the other side of the hills. In the distance, I saw a very high mountain, which had lava flowing down from its top. Apparently, that must have been the burning mountain that the note was referring to. To my luck, there was a small cave nearby, so I went in and took some rest while waiting for the night, as the note mentioned of the north star which could only be seen during the night.


I woke up to the sound of huge wings flapping and a hot wind following it. As if a gigantic flying creature was just landing nearby. I ran out of the cave and saw a human standing still, as calm as a human can be, looking at me gently. It was night and Tariel was shining in the northern sky. The man looked familiar but I could not describe how. He looked at me as if he had known me for long. Shortly after the brief moment of looking at each other, he started to speak:

"Welcome Casiel, I had been expecting you. I will answer all your questions but first let's make a fire and eat something for I am starving. Will you be so kind to find us something to eat?"

Who was this man? How did he know my name? I traveled across the world to find something that would help me find my lost sons and he was thinking of eating?? Though my mind was rumbling with these questions, I had no choice but to follow what he was saying if I wanted him to help me.

Being the hunter, I quickly searched the nearby bushes and found a couple of mountain critters for us to eat. When I turned back, I noticed that he had already started a fire. I did not ask him how he lit the fire as I did not want to know of it. We sat around the fire and started cooking and eating.

I did not know what to say or what to ask as the unnatural existence of my guest was creating a growing fear in my heart, so I waited for him to start talking. Once he was done with his meal, he started to talk as if he was reading my mind:

"Who I am is of no importance. What you need to know is that I can help you find your sons. But I will do that only if you are ready to accept the truth. I have been watching you since you started to have that strange dreams when you were a kid. I kept my eye on you as you grew up and left your home lands and traveled to Silithus to start a new life there. I watched how you loved, how you married, how your sons were born and how you buried your wife. I was observing the day your village was attacked, many of you were killed and your sons were captured. Though I had the power, I did not interfere as it is not the way we deal with things. We, do not take sides in any battle. I will help you find your sons, but you need to give me your word that you are ready for whatever truth you will discover when you find them."

I had no idea who this person might be or how he could know so much about me, but hearing all these words from him created an unquestioned trust in my heart towards him. Especially the way he was emphasizing the word "We" felt like it contained the wisdom and power of all the past and future generations of Azeroth. He was repeatedly asking if I was ready for the truth. What truth? What could it be that would be more hurtful than all those years of my life with losses. I had to find my sons no matter what, hence I accepted his offer by giving him my word that I was ready.

He grabbed a magical amulet from his pocket and continued:

"This amulet will help you find your sons. Put it on now and never take out until you find your sons. It has a magical aura that will lead any person to others of his blood."

After putting the amulet in my hand, he prepared to leave. I asked half disappointed:

"Is that all? Where will I start looking for them? "

He replied:

"This part of your journey ends here. If you want to continue seeking your sons, which I do not suggest, you should go to where you lost them. Now if you will excuse me, I have some other things that I need to attend to."

He walked away from me slowly and when he reached the edge of the hill, he cast a spell which transformed him into a huge black dragon and flew away towards the burning mountain. I then realized that the man I was speaking to was actually a dragon.

Silithus Got My Sons - 14

It was still dark for me to start my way back to Silithus, so I spent the rest of the night in the cave and set off with the first light in the morning.


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Eom of Silvermoon
Written by Eom of Silvermoon · 25 Dec 2015
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