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Eom of Silvermoon

Silithus Got My Sons - Part 6

Written by Eom

Losing his three sons in Silithus in a tragic way, a father travels all around Azeroth seeking guidance for finding his sons. He finally finds out what he needs to do, but is he ready to find out the truth?

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Continued from: Silithus Got My Sons - Part 5


I know my story consisted of a lot of traveling, so I will skip the details about my way back to Silithus and continue from the moment that I arrived at the Cenarion Hold. I will mention just one thing though, as it is important for you to understand my story better.

On the ship that was taking me back from Booty Bay to Ratchet, I met some Night Elves from Feralas. I learned from them that in the period that I was traveling the world, seeking my mysterious dragon friend, Cenarion settlements in Silithus had been attacked terribly by Qiraji Empire's forces. The Night Elf that was telling me this also said that giant hive-like craters had popped up out of nowhere and neverending armies of silithid creatures were coming out of them, slaying everyone they came across. He said, when a group of guardian messengers went to the Hold to deliver Darnainn's orders, they had found everyone slayed. Since then, many reinforcements were sent from Nighthaven and Nordrassil to help with the defense against the silithid.

Learning about the terrible fate of my old friends, Leothril, Zeinorai and others, I felt deep pain in my heart. I felt regret for leaving them and not sticking with my search until I made them believe me by finding my sons. I cried for them in silence as I was looking at the night sky in the middle of the sea...

Silithus Got My Sons - 15

When I arrived at the Cenarion Hold, I was welcomed by the new commander, Ilyassin. She was glad to see someone who had experience with this parts of the world. She briefed me about the situation and that the silithid armies were continuously attacking from all sides and that the Cenarion scouts were able to explore the hives in detail and locate the hive leaders. She had seen the hive leaders during a major attack. According to her description, they were huge and terrifying creatures unlike any other silithid bugs, spreading fear, hatred and pain all around Silithus, as their armies continued to slay all who opposed them. The forces in the Hold was not enough to make a counter attack, so they were just trying to hold on as much as they could while learning more about their enemies by sending spies into the hives.

As we were walking around the Hold, I noticed that things were a lot different than how I had left. Apparently, the Hold was rebuilt but the village to the southeast was in ruins, totally abandoned some time ago as they did not want to split their defenses in two spots. We then went to the meeting room where she and a group of Cenarion guards told me some further details about the Hold's situation.

Ilyassin wanted to have me as consultant to organize their defenses against the silithid but I kindly told her and the others in the Hold that I had come to find my sons and if she could give a few of the guardians to aid me in my search, that I would highly appreciate. Without telling all the details of my life and journeys, I told them about the amulet I had that was going to help me find my sons. Though she really wanted to help, she had to refuse my request as she needed everyone in the defense of the Hold, so I left the meeting room telling them that I was going to find my sons anyway and wished them luck with the defenses.

The next day, as I was getting ready to leave the Hold to start my search on my own, I saw Ilyassin and a group of guardians approaching me. She told me that they had discussed further after I had left last night and finally decided to help me in finding my sons as they believed whatever that I thought I was going to find might actually help them in the battle. So, we left the Cenarion Hold in the afternoon and started our search.

I was feeling that the amulet was activated in a way but I was not getting a clear signal as to which direction to go. As if, the amulet was pointing to multiple directions at once. For a moment, a doubt passed from my mind about the legitimacy of the amulet as to whether it would really work as the dragon described, but that he knew all about me made me quickly skip this doubt and focus on finding my sons.

An instinct made me move towards southeast, where the largest hive in which I saw Anub'Isath and witnessed the death of five guardians was located. As we got closer to the hive, the amulet started to pulse strongly. It was somehow controlling my actions as we continued to search the hive crater to find an entrance. The amulet then started to pulse in one direction, the direction that final entrance I had entered was located. As we came closer, the ground started to tear apart and the entrance got opened. We went through and continued inside the tunnels that followed. The tunnels were now completely unfamiliar but we were guided by my amulet so we continued deeper into the tunnels, through passages and chambers without hesitation.

Unlike my previous searches years ago, the tunnels were not totally empty now. We were having to fight with some silithid creatures but there wasn't any major groups, so we continued deeper without having much trouble. At the end of the tunnel, we came to the large chamber where I had seen Anub'Isath for the first time. It was so dark that we could not see what was around us, but as we moved towards the center of the chamber, the larvae on the walls became brighter and brighter, illuminating the whole chamber and revealing the hundreds of silithid creatures that were now surrounding us. They closed the circle around us quickly. I did not know what to do as we had no chance in a fight with them, so I shouted hoping Anub'Isath would hear me:

"Anub'Isath! I came to get my sons back! You took them from me and put me into grave alive so I came now to get them back from you! Reveal yourself Anub'Isath!"

I was shouting at Anub'Isath, hoping he might be nearby, but I had no idea what I or we were going to do if Anub'Isath came and ordered his army to destroy us. The magic amulet was in a way giving a self confidence that I had never felt before.

As my words echoed in the chamber, the silithid creatures started to re-position, making way from the other end of the chamber to us. They started to hit the ground with their legs to make a periodic, terrifying sound as their master came out of the dark clouds and started to regain its physical form. He approached us slowly; this time I was not afraid of him like I was the first time I saw him, probably due to my amulet, so I kept standing still, putting myself between him and my new Cenarion friends.

When Anub'Isath fully regained its physical form, he was now as high as almost the ceiling of the chamber. He looked upon me and with his beautiful voice that would make you want to obey, he said:

"I see that you have come back, Casiel. Only a fool would do that after hearing my warning. So be it. Prepare to face your fate."

He then shouted at his servants:

"Send word to my High Generals and let them know their master is waiting for them at the Chamber of Ahn."

Three winged messengers flew in three directions to call the so-called high generals, probably the ones Ilyassin had described as the hive leaders. Our wait did not last long. In just a few minutes, the crowd in the chamber had just grown and from the three tunnels that were connecting to the chamber, three huge silithid creatures entered and went directly to their master and bowed before him. To our right, Anub'Isath was standing with its enormous size and to our left, the three high generals were standing, now looking towards us.

I had no idea what this was all about, but as I looked closer to the bigger of the generals, I noticed something familiar. I wished so strongly that I did not but I noticed. It was the eagle head birthmark on his right cheek that my son Bornix had exactly at the same spot...

"Oh noo... no, it can't be! Nooooo!.."

What I was witnessing had devastated me and drained all the energy in my muscles, forcing me to drop down on my knees. I was sobbing as Ilyassin was asking what was going on. Anub'Isath took the pleasure of answering:

"Here are your sons: Bornix, Qem and Manax. They have been serving their master very well and they have been most handy in our invasion of Kalimdor. I had warned you to forget about them as they were never yours. Right, my Generals?"

The creatures that were once my sons, obeyed him by nodding their heads and showing signs of loyalty. It was so much for me to accept, but it was not to be ending there. Anub'Isath shouted again:

"Call their mother!"

I whispered to myself weakly: "Their mother??.. Could it be my dear Shainella?.."

Shortly after, another creature started to slide down into the chamber from a newly appeared opening at the ceiling, showering in the light of Tariel. The creature approached Anub'Isath and bowed before him. I just wished my eyes to be carved out so that I had not seen what I just saw...

The creature had the face of Shainella, but it was now an ugly, terrifying servant of Anub'Isath, maybe she has always been and she had lured me just to give birth to our sons who were going to serve as the High Generals to the Qiraji Army. Maybe she only used me, but what about our north star? Who was that I buried? Did she not die giving birth to our twins? But then again, I was not able to show her grave to Leothril and nobody remembered of her or our sons. What the truth is, I will never know. My mind was just like a stormy sea, shaking with so many thoughts. I remembered the words of the dragon "are you ready to accept the truth?..". I wish I had never accepted his offer. I wish I had stopped seeking my sons and know them as lost or dead instead of seeing this day.

Like I was made to believe that I was dreaming years ago when I opened my eyes in Zeinorai's hut, I just wished that I was dreaming again. But I was not. The creatures that I once loved so much as my wife and my sons had become the highest ranking officers in the Qiraji army and had been slaying once their own people ruthlessly.

Almost losing my mind from the pain I was having, I tried to talk to my dear Shainella:

"Shainella, my dear Shainella, is that you? What is going on here? What have they done to you? What have they done to our sons?"

She made a terrible laugh that echoed in the chamber and said:

"Our sons? Hahahaha. They were never your sons to begin with, you were just a tool in our grand plan and you served very well. My sons are doing a great job by commanding the Qiraji armies against the foolish people of Kalimdor who have no chance to stand in front of the mighty Qiraji. Ask them if you don't believe me; they are not your sons, as they had never been."

Her words were like a stab in my heart. A stab that did not kill but a stab that destroyed my soul. With tearful eyes, I turned my face to my sons with one last bit of hope that they would turn away from the devilry they had been used for and come back to their fathers who was ready to accept them no matter what they had turned into, no matter what they had done. I begged them:

"Bornix, Qem, Manax... my dear sons, my everything. No matter what you had done, no matter what you had become, you are still my sons, leave this foul beings behind and come back to me. Please come back to me, come back to your people. I love you all so much."

Their words were the final nail on my coffin.

"We are the High Generals of the Qiraji Empire and we serve Anub'Isath, the immortal leader of the Qiraji. We do not know you and we will make sure neither you nor your friends prevent us from accomplishing our plans."

It was the day my world truly ended. I had already lost everything that I held dear years ago, but that day I had found them and lost them again forever as I realized they had never been mine.

After a moment of silence, Anub'Isath ordered:

"Now my Generals, serve a quick and painless death to our unwelcome guests." and then he and the creature that I once knew as Shainella disappeared in the darkness.

My sons and the silithid creatures started to attack us from all directions. We were surrounded and even though the guardians were fighting like heroes, we were soon going to be overwhelmed by the swarming silithid. Ilyassin was trying to get us to a better position but we did not really have any hope as all exits were covered by silithid. Our guardians started to fall one after another. We were soon going to be wiped.

At that moment, I had that strange feeling that I had while waiting for my dragon friend in the cave. I heard the same wing flaps and sensed the hot wind in the chamber, but I did not see any dragons coming for our aid. Then I heard a voice in my mind.

"You have to act quick now, that is, if you want to survive. Your sons are long gone, they are not the sons you once knew anymore. If you want to save your friends and the people of Kalimdor, you have to kill them. Anub'Isath had cast a spell on them that makes them vulnerable to only of attacks coming from those of their own blood. So, only you can kill them. I just channeled some of my energy into the amulet which will help you in defeating them. You can either slay them and finish this madness once and for all, or let them slay you and your people. I'm leaving the choice to you."

Did I really have a choice? Were they my sons anymore? Should I let them continue spreading fear, hatred and pain among the people of Kalimdor? Wouldn't I wish it was just me that would be harmed and none of others? These were the questions I was trying to find answers to as the voice of my dragon friend continued to echo in my mind.

After a brief moment of hesitation and feeling the boosted energy in my muscles coming from the amulet, I charged against the crowd of silithid creatures, taking them all down quickly and then faced with my sons. I looked into their eyes for one last time, trying to find the look I would see as they looked at me when they were my kids. I couldn't see anything, their eyes were now looking meaningless, just with a lust to destroy. Unavoidably, I did what I had to do.

Do not expect me to speak of what I did that day, all I can say is that once it was done, we left the hive with Ilyassin and the remaining guardians and came back to the Hold. No one was asking anything to me and I was not talking to anyone either. I had finally found my dearest ones only to lose them again forever...

I lost my sons in Silithus. Their names were Bornix, Qem and Manax; in the foul Qiraji language, they mean "Fear, Hatred and Pain", and that's what my sons had spread among the people of Kalimdor.


After the tragic incident, I could not stay in Silithus any longer, I could not go back to my hometown either. All of Kalimdor was full of dear memories of my wife and my sons that were long lost. So, I went to Eastern Kingdoms, where I had met with my dragon friend. I built a small hut near the cave and started to spend the rest of my days there, trying to forget my most recent memories.

If your path ever crosses through the border of Elwynn Forest and the Burning Steppes, you can still find me in my camp, reading my journal and crying for the family that I lost, or maybe I should say the family that I never really had. That is, if I am still alive.

This is how my story ends, my friend. Know that, as you have just witnessed, sometimes following your dreams may not end as well as you would imagine.


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Eom of Silvermoon
Written by Eom of Silvermoon · 25 Dec 2015
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