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Eom of Silvermoon

Silithus Got My Sons

Written by Eom

Losing his three sons in Silithus in a tragic way, a father travels all around Azeroth seeking guidance for finding his sons. He finally finds out what he needs to do, but is he ready to find out the truth?

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The story I will tell you now my friend, is the story of how I lost my three sons in Silithus, how I found them and how I lost them again forever...

This is a long and sorrowful story, so please be patient with me as I have difficulty putting my memories into words, since the pain of losing my sons is still so fresh. Can it ever get old? Can it?.. Only those who know the pain of losing their children can understand how an unbearable and neverending pain this is. Pray my friend, that you never have to experience such a terrible pain.

Now, if you are ready, I will start my story...


When I answered the call of our High Priestess, Lady Tyrande Whisperwind, I had just seen my 20th winter. She had requested all able bodies in Teldrassil to join and help a new faction they were bringing together with other races of Kalimdor, to create and preserve an impenetrable defense against the Qiraji Empire's potential attacks in the southern region of Kalimdor.

The faction was named as Cenarion Circle. It consisted not only of guardians and scouts, but also of craftsmen from any profession that would be of help in supporting them throughout their long journey and then building their outpost in Silithus, where the colossal Scarab Wall, which was keeping the Qiraji invaders at bay, was located.

I was recruited to Cenarion Circle by the local officers of the faction in my hometown Dolanaar, where I had recently started running my father's leatherworking shop after his passing away. I was supplying Night Elf sentinels with protective clothing, arrow quivers and bags. In my trade, I was mostly using the materials that I was gathering during my hunting sessions.

I had chosen the path of the Hunter, because I loved hunting very much since the day my father put my first bow in my hands when I was 8. Since then, whenever I held my bow, it made me feel free, it made me feel like I could accomplish anything in the world.

My days were simple as any hunter's days would be. I was waking up early in the mornings before the sunrise, venturing into the woods, practicing my hunting and survival skills and also gathering the leather and fur that I was going to be using in crafting that day's work orders. As Night Elves, we only hunted that much we needed; therefore, during my hunts, I was paying great attention not to disturb the balance of the nature and to take only what my people needed.

It was a happy life of mine, I was truly enjoying what I was doing, but deep inside my heart, I knew that I was meant to do greater things than spending the rest of my life in Dolanaar, crafting bags and quivers.

One of the vivid memories that I remember from those years was a dream that I used to see at nights, in which a human-like creature with an eagle head, like a beast from the ancient southern legends, was approaching me within dark clouds and telling me to leave Teldrassil and go south, as there lied my true destiny. In those dreams, I would also see many beautiful places that I had never been to before, which was creating an irresistible desire in my soul to go and see them. For a long time, I ignored my dreams as I did not know what to think of them, and did not speak of them to anyone.

When I heard that the Cenarion Circle was recruiting for a mission to Silithus, as a young, skilled hunter and leatherworker, I thought that it would be a great opportunity for me to help my people and see the outside world that I kept seeing in my dreams. I had never left Teldrassil before and in all my years as I was growing up, I always wanted to do something that really mattered when I grew up. So, I joined them without a second thought.

Silithus Got My Sons - 1

At the day of our departure, after all the preparations were complete, Lady Tyrande gathered all members of the new faction at the Temple of the Moon and briefed us about our mission details. There was a big crowd in the Temple and the surrounding areas, not only of Cenarion Circle members but also of many Darnassus citizens. It was the first time that I was seeing our High Priestess. She was the most beautiful Night Elf Lady I had ever seen; I listened to her with my eyes wide open.

It was a long speech and I forgot most of it since it happened a long time ago, but a couple of key points that I remember are that an elvish ship was waiting for us at Rut'theran to transfer us to the main land, that we were going to establish the main base of the faction at a hard-to-reach location in Moonglade and leaving our leader and some others there, the rest was going to continue south, to Silithus. One thing she emphasized was that we were going to avoid any fights along the way as much as possible but help those who needed that we came across on our path.

After she finished her speech and after a long exchange of farewells and good wishes between us and those who had come to bid farewell to us, we were ready to begin our long journey to Silithus. Following our faction leader, Darnainn, we passed through the crowded streets of Darnassus, accompanied by our people's excited claps, and reached the colossal gates of the city and soon left Darnassus behind.


Our journey took 18 months. We had left Darnassus in early spring and arrived at Silithus in late summer next year. During this period, I kept a personal journal to take notes about my journey, about every new place that I saw and everyone that I met. I will not go into full details of all the things that we experienced during our long journey as it will probably take days to tell and most probably you will find it quite boring, so I will just briefly tell the important parts of our journey and continue with the main part of my story.

There is one thing that I want to mention about myself before telling you about our journey, which is that the man who arrived at Silithus was a totally different man than the one who had left his hometown 18 months ago. You may think that one wouldn't change so much in only a year and a half. In most cases this may be true, but after having such a long and difficult journey as ours, seeing almost half of the world, meeting with new races and creatures, discovering new places and witnessing a lot of battles that we couldn't always avoid, after learning to take real responsibility and helping guardians with protecting our caravan from all types of dangers in the wilderness, after having buried many and seen new births, I had become a mature man at my early age. Once knowing Teldrassil as my whole world, by the end of our journey, I had learned that there was a huge world full of dangerous adventures beyond the safety of Teldrassil.

While leaving Teldrassil on the ship, I looked back one last time to where I had spent my 20 years, and sent prayers to my mother and my father who were now resting in the Great Halls of Elune. The ship travel to Lor'danel in Darkshore didn't take long, and I was glad for that, since being aboard for the first time, I had felt quite sick till my feet met with the ground again.

As instructed by Lady Tyrande, we were going to build the main base of the Cenarion Circle operations in Moonglade, so we continued on our way after landing in Darkshore without wasting any time. We used a hidden passage that connected northern Darkshore to Moonglade, which seemed not to be known by many.

A very unfortunate thing happened as our caravan was passing through this hidden passage under the mountain. Just as the last group was entering the passage, the ceiling collapsed, leaving the seven members of that group covered by earth and rocks. No matter how hard we tried, no matter how much we dug, we couldn't save them. We couldn't even find their bodies. To honor their deaths, at a later time, we built a symbolic graveyard with seven stones in a circle at the entrance of the passage, which was closed by the collapse.

After so many years, the graveyard that we built is still standing there like we first built it. My friend, if you ever visit the northern region of Darkshore, do not leave without visiting that graveyard and sending your blessings to the first martyrs of the Cenarion Circle.

The terrible incident deeply saddened all of us but we had to keep going and accomplish the tasks we were sent for. Therefore, leaving our dead to the hands of Elune, we continued and arrived at Moonglade on the other side of the passage.

Moonglade was a beautiful place with magnificent lights coming from all directions, that I had never seen before. Its air was spreading a soothing feeling among our souls, which was putting everyone into a peaceful mood all the time.

With the help of the builders and carpenters in our company, a work at high pressure to build the main base had started. We had some highly skilled builders who were doing an amazing job in a short time but also the trees of the place seemed to be making their job easier.

Darnainn had told us that Moonglade was a sacred place for Night Elves; therefore, hunting was forbidden there. Since I couldn't hunt, I was not much of use as everyone was eating fruits and vegetables that were naturally growing around. I spent most of my time in Moonglade by getting to know all the faction members and practicing my marksmanship on some dummy targets. During our stay, I had made some nice friends even with some Taurens who kept telling me about Thunder Bluff, their mighty capital, and I had improved my marksmanship to a new level with the guidance of more experienced hunters among the guardians.

Silithus Got My Sons - 2

The main base in Moonglade was completed in three months. The builders and carpenters had done a great job. The new place was so beautiful, it looked like it was an extension of the nature itself. Darnainn named the main base of the Circle as Nighthaven, since it was peaceful and restful like the night itself.

It was now time for us to continue our journey to Silithus. Darnainn, the High Council of Cenarion Circle and a group of the best Cenarion guardians stayed in Moonglade, from where they were going to command all the activities of the faction including our Silithus mission, from a safe location. The rest of us packed our things, said goodbye to those who were staying in Nighthaven and put our feet on the path to Felwood in a hot summer day.

Felwood was a foul place full of demonic beings and energies which were tainting the forest and making us uncomfortable. There was not much we could do about it as we had a limited time to reach Silithus but we still helped the locals in the Whisperwind Grove clear nearby woods off hostile creatures during our week-long stay, as we also rested and replenished our food and water stock.

None of us enjoyed being in Felwood, so once we left Whisperwind Grove, we moved south as quickly as we could to reach Ashenvale, the lands of our ancestors.

Our next stop was Astranaar in Ashenvale, where another group of Cenarion Circle recruits were going to join us. We wanted to reach the village quickly; therefore, except brief night rests, we continued moving without having any major breaks. Unfortunately, a recently erupted volcano was blocking our path to the village, so we had to travel around the volcano which added about one week to our travel. When we finally reached Astranaar, it had been three weeks since we had left Whisperwind Grove.

Ashenvale, one of the ancient homes of Night Elves, was as beautiful as it was described in our tales that I used to hear when I was a child. Covered with lush forests, painted with all tones of green, full of refreshing waters and beautiful smells in the air, Ashenvale was a place where anyone would happily spend the rest of their lives.

Among the group that joined us in Astranaar, there was a girl, called as Shainella, whom I fell for the very moment I saw her. She was a very beautiful and charming Night Elf girl, one that you would describe as the happiness a rainbow created in a child's heart, but what really attracted me to her was that she was a hunter like me, with a true passion for exploring the woods and hunting. During our stay in Astranaar, we spent a lot of time together and ventured into the woods to hunt and bring food and other needed materials to our people.

It didn't take long for us to develop warm feelings towards each other. At one night during our hunts, as we gave a break to hunting, we lied on the grass holding each other's hands and looked upon the stars. There was that brightest star on the northern sky that we chose as our own and decided to look at it during nights we had to spend away from each other, so we would feel each other. We named our star as Tariel, meaning as One Piece from Two.

Shainella was the most beautiful thing that was happening to me and as we continued our journey and spent more time together, we were starting to feel the same for each other about spending the rest of our lives together.


Eventually, our break in Astranaar had come to an end. Once everyone was ready, we continued south to Stonetalon Mountains through the Stardust Spire passage, where we met with some small, funny creatures that I was seeing for the first time. They had some weird names like Giromet or Ginombis, I can't remember correctly, and the one that looked like a professor with his shiny goggles, had made some jokes about a bomb, a balloon and some Orcs. I did not truly understand what he meant till we entered Stonetalon Valley and witnessed all the craze and battles that were going on between Orcs, Night Elves, more of the small creatures from Stardust Spire and some other different type of green small creatures. I later learned that the ones that are allied with us were known as Gnomes and the enemy ones were known as Goblins.

Reaching the Windhsear Hold was not easy, we had to get involved with the fights going on around us in order to make way for our large caravan. At the Hold, we met with Night Elf and Human friends of Darnassus; hearing how many lives they had lost in the last couple of months, we decided to stay and help them against the invading Orcs and Goblins till reinforcements from Nordrassil arrived.

Silithus Got My Sons - 3

As days passed, the Orcs increased the pressure on the Hold; we were now in defense mode, fighting without being able to leave the Hold. One day, the scouts reported that southeast passage to Barrens was blocked by some hostile Tauren clans, hence there was no way to pass through. Considering the new situation, our new leader Leothril decided to take the southwest road towards Desolace, which was a seemingly shorter but a more dangerous route. Though, we could only get going after the reinforcements arrived which took no less than a month.


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Eom of Silvermoon
Written by Eom of Silvermoon · 25 Dec 2015
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