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Well, it is really not something you are required to in order to use this site -it is and will always be free-, and it is not something I ask from you. But if it ever happens that you would feel happy to support creative activities of my kind, i.e. writing fan fiction stories in the World of Warcraft universe, then you are most welcome to do so.

Please rest assured that I will put your donation into good use, including but not limited to paying for domain registration (paid annually), hosting (paid monthly or annually), content delivery expenses, bugfixes that I can't do myself; in other words, things that are needed for running this website, as well as things related to keeping an active World of Warcraft subscription, such as the monthly subscription cost, expansions, and sometimes PC/hardware upgrades, so that I can log in, travel around, take notes and screenshots and write my stories, even at periods when I am not actively playing the game.

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