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The Huge Underground Cavern in Ironforge

Written by Eom

There is a huge underground cavern beneath the Dwarven capital Ironforge, which is quite easy to miss if you don't look around carefully when you pay a visit to the current rulers of the Dwarves.

Hello fellow adventurers,

In my opinion, Ironforge is one of the coolest areas in World of Warcraft, and I include all cities, zones and instances in this statement.

After a long and tiring travel in the freezing plains of Dun Morogh, the mighty citadel of the Dwarves offers a warm welcome to its visitors. Even before you enter the city, the colossal Gates of Ironforge and the huge statue of Modimus Anvilmar will give you a good idea of the might and craftsmanship of the Dwarves.

If you ever take your time and thoroughly explore the city by starting from the gates and go around the circular pathway, you will see many nice details about the city. The marvelous architecture, the high columns and arches, the houses carved into rocks, the museum and library in the Hall of Explorers where you can learn about ancient creatures and objects, the small lake in the Forlorn Cavern where you can relax and catch some fish and The Great Forge at the center of the city are just some of them.

After completing your tour, you may assume that you are done exploring Ironforge, but it does not end there, as there is an almost hidden underground chamber beneath the city, that many unwary eyes have missed. In the rest of this post, I will tell where to find this underground chamber and what you can expect to find inside it.

The Huge Underground Cavern in Ironforge - 1

To the southwest of The Great Forge, you will see the room which is known as The High Seat, where the current rulers of the three Dwarf clans, Moira Thaurissan, Muradin Bronzebeard and Falstad Wildhammer stand.

If you enter The High Seat and turn back as soon as you entered, you will see an open gate and a passage going downwards to the right of the entrance.

The Huge Underground Cavern in Ironforge - 2

Actually, there is another gate to the left of the entrance which is locked and I have no idea what is locked behind it. If you know what there is or if you have a guess, I would be happy to hear it (see What Is Hidden Beneath Ironforge?).

Enter through the open gate and follow the passage down. Since the passage is not frequently used, you can see spider webs hanging from the walls, have no fear though, as the whole passage is well lit by torches. Continue down the passage until you reach the huge cavern at which point the location text will display as Old Ironforge. You are now in the heart of Khaz Modan Mountain.

The Huge Underground Cavern in Ironforge - 3

As you will see, the walls and the ceiling of the chamber are covered with some kind of blueish crystalline ore. I don't know what ore that is, Iron perhaps? Whatever it is, it has a beautiful blue glow. You may need to use the Ultra graphics settings in order to see the glow better.

You will see some stairs going up on your left, guarded by Ironforge Guards; climb the stairs. At the end of the first set of stairs, the path splits into two. Continue with the stairs on the left for the moment. At the end of the stairs, you will see one of the most impressive scenes in World of Warcraft (Note: Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, you can no longer see this scene due to a change in WoW's story.).

The Huge Underground Cavern in Ironforge - 4

I remember seeing this room for the first time, it felt like an amazing discovery. As if I was witnessing an important section from the Dwarven history.

The crystal (or frozen) Dwarf figure at the center is Magni Bronzebeard, the former king under the mountain and elder brother of Muradin. From the many books on the shelves, two huge open books with ancient Dwarwish scripture, and a book of smithing on the table, I could say this must have been the ritual chamber of the King. Whether the King is really dead or got frozen in some time period that cannot be accessed from the ones that are currently available to us is unknown, but if you speak to King's advisor, Belgrum, he will tell you that he was the main responsible for the King's unfortunate fate.

I wonder what ritual the King was trying to perform and what the tablets Advisor Belgrum was referring to were about. Stone tablets found in Uldaman? Whatever the ritual was, apparently the resulting explosion was powerful enough to break the room's walls.

If you are done with exploring the ritual room, go back down the stairs to the point where the path split into two. Now, take the path to the right of the stairs, which is patrolled by some guards.

If you look down below, you will notice that the bottom of the chamber is covered with lava. You will also notice that the path goes down further, where there are more guards and some gates. Continue following the path.

The Huge Underground Cavern in Ironforge - 5

The path is rather narrow; two Dwarves would have difficulty walking side by side, but you are protected by "invisible walls", so there is no risk of falling down.

The path continues down with many turns and some more stairs. When you reach the bottom, you will see the path splitting into two, both of which are ending with a closed door after about 20 meters. Tried hard but couldn't get any word from the guards as to what was behind the doors. They surely were committed to keeping silent about what or who they were guarding.

The Huge Underground Cavern in Ironforge - 6

Our exploration of the underground chamber of Ironforge ends here. This place is one of the places that make exploration in World of Warcraft much enjoyable for me. I hope to see more of this type of places in my future adventures in Azeroth.

So, what do you think about this underground chamber? Had you noticed it before reading this post?

Eom of Silvermoon
Written by Eom of Silvermoon · 5 Jan 2016
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