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Eom of Silvermoon

Twin Exiles of Tanaris

Written by Eom

Tanaris, at first look, seems to be an endless, naked desert with not much going on and not much to explore. When you start to take a really closer look though, things will change quicker than you would expect.

Hello fellow adventurers,

When I re-entered Tanaris, one of my favorite zones due to its vast golden deserts, fresh ocean breeze and a sun making you feel its warmth even after the sunset, after a very long time today, I did not expect that I would discover a very interesting thing that I hadn't noticed before. This discovery was so inspirational that I stopped the quest I was doing, started taking screenshots and came here to write this post.


Tanaris, as most of you know, is a desertous zone on the far southeast edge of Kalimdor, welcoming brave adventurers with its beautiful scenery composed of numerous brown hills, constantly moving yellow sands, deep blue waters and a crystal clear sky.

As the Cataclysm destroyed the old Steamwheedle Port and brought the ocean towards the center of the zone, where the new goblin town Gadgetzan is established, Tanaris now offers as much underwater exploration possibilities as it offers on the desert ground, for those who appreciate a fine exploration.

Twin Exiles of Tanaris - 1

Today, as I continued my adventures by leaving Thousand Needles behind and entering Tanaris from the narrow northern passage, coming back to this beautiful zone after almost a year, I decided to do a detailed exploration by checking every inch of the zone in detail. So, after having a brief rest and tasting Dirge Quikcleave's special clamlette in The Road Warrior inn in Gadgetzan, I found myself on the golden sands again, as I couldn't resist the call of the fresh desert winds any longer.

I started my exploration by venturing into the hilly area, to the northeast of Gadgetzan, half walking and half swimming till the end of the land, where it meets with Thousand Needles. Then, I swam directly south and continued my exploration by diving underwater near the place where the Steamwheedle Port was once located.

Continuing swimming underwater as exploration drunk, I reached the hill islands to the southeast of Gadgetzan, where I took a good look around the shore from the top of the highest hill. So far, though I was enjoying my time a lot, I could say I didn't see anything that I hadn't seen before.

It was when I stopped this part of my exploration and headed back to the goblin town to spend the night, that I noticed something underwater, something I saw for the first time. Something so unimportant for many who passed nearby chasing the next quest mob, something so small that most adventurers swam just above it without noticing, but something so inspiring for me, that made me stop and think about for a long time.

Now, let's directly go back to Gadgetzan and let me give you directions to help you find what I found.


As you know, Gadgetzan has many gates (so fitting for a desert town, right? as open as it can be). Exit the town from the east gate, where you will see a small pier. Turn right and walk about 100 yards south, passing a number of palm trees on your left. Near the last palm tree, you will see the remains of an old, small boat, washed ashore.

Twin Exiles of Tanaris - 2

While standing next to the boat remains, look towards southeast, to the mountain of the Caverns of Time, and proceed towards the water. If you are ready, take a deep breath and dive.

After diving into the water, you will see two tracks to your right, which, as you will also notice, are made by footprints of two small humanoid creatures. Keep your breath as much as you can and follow the tracks. As you continue swimming, you will notice how the tracks go up and down above the small underwater sandhills. Don't mind the big sea turtles swimming around, as they won't harm you unless you harm them first.

Twin Exiles of Tanaris - 3

After about one minute of swimming, I am hoping that you can hold your breath that long, behind the last sandhill the tracks climb up, you will come to an area which almost shouts at your ears the tragedy that took place here, not so long ago.

The smell of the blood mixed with the water and the underwater mosquitoes fly-swimming around will tell you that the scene you are witnessing took place no more than a few days ago.

Twin Exiles of Tanaris - 4

I didn't want to include a close shot of the tragic scene for my respect to these poor souls; instead, I will briefly tell you what happened here, as I learned from a local during my stay at the inn that night.


As you have also seen with your own eyes by now, this grievous scene is the final resting place of two young goblins. But who were they, how did they end at this exact spot?

They were two brothers, as my local friend narrated, actually two twin brothers (you will notice the exact similarity if you closely inspect their skulls). They were the first twins to born in this part of Kalimdor. Before these brothers, no goblin living in Tanaris knew of the possibility of twins as they had never seen any mother having twin babies.

As per an old wives' tale among goblins, which apparently is still practiced today, it was believed that only the evil would come to this world in two separate bodies with the exact same appearance. Being aware of this ancient belief, and feeling two separate heartbeats inside of her, at the end of her pregnancy, their mother secretly gave birth to them in the wild, away from her people and then hid the twin brothers from the public for years, protecting them from being found out and who knows, being mocked, tortured or even killed.

Years passed, the mother was able to raise her boys till they became young adults, and soon she was going to send them to different parts of Kalimdor, so that they could live a normal life which they never had being together. Meanwhile, the two brothers paid great caution against the curious folks, by not going into the public at the same time. But their mother kept worrying that their secret would sooner or later be discovered, as she was more frequently bothered with questioning eyes.

The mother's worries were not in vain, as one day the Baron of the goblin town ordered the guards to go and find the "two evil creatures" as reported by an eyewitness. This time, the mother had no place to hide her sons and she was so sick to run away with her sons that she couldn't do anything against the guards who came to capture them.

The guards brought the brothers in front of a huge crowd at the center of the town, where the Baron and other officers were waiting and discussing about what to do with them. The crowd was shouting wildly as "Hang them!", "Burn the evils!", "We must kill them!", hence increasing the pressure on the Baron to slay the evil creatures one way or the other.

Being a reasonable and fair ruler, the Baron was able to influence the other officers to come to a conclusion for the punishment for these two young brothers for their crime of being twins, as exile into the desert.

Except for a group of angry goblin hunters whose voices were the loudest among the crowd, people of the town seemed to be content with the decided punishment.

Immediately after the decision was announced publicly, the twin brothers were made to leave the town with no food or water, without being able to bid one last farewell to their mother, who was lying sick at home. They left the town via the east gate, and passing the palm trees, under whose shadows they never had a chance to sit together, they started walking towards southeast, tears in their eyes, not knowing what to do or where to go, at a time where the tide was at its lowest.

They had not gotten very far, when one of the twins silently fell down with an arrow struck in the middle of his back. Not having an idea from where the arrow came, his brother ran to his twin and tried to stop his bleeding and remove the arrow. Alas, the fast-approaching, red-seeing hunter group released a barrage of arrows, under which the twins released their final breaths, holding each other's hands.


From the many footprints around the corpses of the twin brothers, it looks like the hunter group continued with their unspeakable methods of "disposing of evil" and left the remains of the bodies of the twin brothers uncovered above the ground, when they were finally done and headed back to the town.

The twin exiles of Tanaris had lived a short and miserable life, but they were together in their deaths, as they were in their births.

Eom of Silvermoon
Written by Eom of Silvermoon · 1 Jun 2017
I thank you fellow adventurer, for stopping by. I hope that you liked what you read and consider it worthy of sharing with your friends.


Alunaria Alunaria
2 Jun 2017 07:30 UTC

Aww... What a tragic story again. I imagine it must have been difficult to see, and even more difficult to approach. But tell me, was there nothing to be found on the twin brothers? No notes, nothing? No belongings? I imagine their heartbroken mother still in search for them...

Thank you for yet another story, written with such immersion and passion, great direction as one would give in the real world and with great description of everything :)

Eom Eom
2 Jun 2017 14:25 UTC

I don't intentionally focus on tragic stories, but this is how inspiration comes to me, and what material I have for crafting my posts/stories with. Hopefully, not all my stories will be tragic or else this site will feel like a depressed zone and lure the readers away :)

Actually, I wondered how I missed this detail in my earlier exploration. I will make sure to keep a more open eye for potential discoveries like this, in my future Azeroth adventures.

I forgot to mention in my story, I then learned that their mother passed away shortly after she was separated from her sons. It is soothing in a sense, to know they are all resting in peace now.

Alunaria Alunaria
3 Jun 2017 18:17 UTC

Ah, maybe you are right about that, I understand. Good balance is important. :)

Oh. Tragic end, but I am glad she no longer suffers the heartache it must have brought on her, to lose her children in such a cruel way.

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