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Eom of Silvermoon

What Happened in Genevieve's Barber Shop?

Written by Eom

If you have been visiting Genevieve's Barber Shop in Stormwind City for getting your hair cut, colored or styled from time to time, after reading this post, you may not want to visit her shop ever again.

Hello fellow adventurers,

When you give a break to your adventures in the wild and decide to rest and trade in Stormwind City, have you ever run into Donna and William, two kids who are running non-stop in the narrow streets of the Alliance capital? Starting their route from the Trade District, after making a half circle, running past the Old Town, the Dwarven District and the Cathedral Square and coming back to where they started; William, chases Donna, trying to get his grindgear gorilla doll, Jum-jump, back from her.

If you are patient enough to spend some time with those kids in your next visit to Stormwind, you will notice that they keep following the exact same route, saying the exact same things and not really paying attention to their surroundings or the crowd of the city. Have you ever thought why? Have you ever wondered why they are not aging?


If you enjoy changing the shape or color of your hair or having a nice haircut once in a while, you are most probably already familiar with Genevieve's Barber Shop, which is located in the Trade District of Stormwind City, on a quiet, not so busy street just behind the Auction House. Owned by a woman called Genevieve, this barber shop is run by the Gnome barber, Jelinek Sharpshear. It was previously run by a Goblin, as you can tell from the wig stands that resemble Goblin heads. For those of you who have never visited her place, I put a map below to help you find the barber shop:

What Happened in Genevieve's Barber Shop? - 1

When you approach her, Genevieve welcomes you to her barber shop by saying that you look great and offering a chair in her salon if you are in the mood for a change. You will also notice her daughter, Anastasia, playing alone, nearby.

Go ahead and enter her shop.

At first look, her barber shop looks just like a regular barber shop that you would expect to see in any city across Azeroth. With a further welcome offered by the smiling face of Jelinek, with the barbershop chairs, mirrors, barber's tools, wigs, sinks, cleaning materials and hair model posters on the walls, you will have no doubt that this is just another barber shop.

What Happened in Genevieve's Barber Shop? - 2

Perhaps it looks too regular and too clean, eh? One detail you will notice about her shop is that it is always impeccably clean, a detail that I ask you to keep in mind for the rest of this post.

Now, before you go ahead and get a haircut, wait in the queue for a bit by sitting at a waiting chair, and then move silently towards the back of the shop at a time when both Genevieve and Jelinek are busy with other clients and won't see you. Having some sort of stealth skills or visiting the shop at a busy hour would be helpful in that sense.

At the back of the shop, you will notice the stairs, going up to the second floor. Go up the stairs.

What Happened in Genevieve's Barber Shop? - 3

It felt to me that the stairs were constructed purposely to make a sound as you step on them, so try to be gentle and slow as you climb the stairs, in order not to be noticed.

Once you are up on the second floor, you will see some bookshelves and a room with its door wide open. Cautiously walking, proceed to the room in front of you.

What Happened in Genevieve's Barber Shop? - 4

If you inspect the room by looking around, you will see that it is mostly an ordinary room that can be found in any house or shop in Stormwind. But there is one difference, a gruesome difference, that sets this room apart from all other rooms in the city.

Slowly approach the table to the right. On the table, you will see two containers and a razor, which is put just on the edge of the table, almost going to fall with the slightest touch. As if, it was simply and carelessly left there after performing its job (any barber would know that leaving razors or any other haircutting tools in such an unattended way is never a good idea).

If you take one step further and look at the small opening on the floor right behind the table, you will witness one of the most terrifying scenes in Azeroth, which is surprisingly right at the heart of the safety of the Human kingdom's capital and presumably has stayed intact for so many years.

(It even breaks my heart to write this post and say the things that I am going to say; therefore, I was going to, but then decided not to include a picture of that scene as it will cause nothing but sadness. But surely, you are free to go check the exact point I mentioned above, in the second floor of Genevieve's barber shop.)


So, what's that scene about? What happened there? To whom do those remains of two small bodies belong? By the eternal light and stars, who could have performed such a horrible act? Who could have committed such a murder? For what reason? And why not bury them and leave their bodies to rot like that? More importantly, why was this not noticed by the law enforcement to this day?

To answer these questions, at least some of them, let's go over our observations starting from the moment we approached Genevieve, waiting at the entrance of her barber shop.

Firstly, if you spend some time near her and do a little chitchat while carefully observing around, you will witness how kindly she treats her daughter Anastasia, as she is playing in front of the salon by saying things like:

"Anastasia, stay close please. We'll go do something fun soon."
"Ana, ten more minutes, then you need to wash up. We're having your favorite. Mac and cheese."
"We'll go ice skating as soon as the lake freezes over, honey."
"I saw Little Timmy the other day, Ana. Would you like a kitten?"

Surely a mother treats her child kindly but didn't it sound a little too kind to you too? And what about the girl always responding in a way that she is not believing in what her mother is saying? Such as:

"oh yah, uh huh"

I can't help but ask the following: Is Genevieve really meaning what she is saying or is she just playing the nice mother in order to keep the suspecting eyes, in other words, law enforcement, at bay? That, I do not know.

Next, into the shop. Barber shops are usually frequently cleaned since a lot of haircutting and styling operations are going on. But have you ever really seen a barber shop that is always perfectly clean? In my opinion, any place that tries to be always super clean is most probably hiding something; in our case, such as the terrifying scene upstairs. Considering there's no smell coming from the upstairs, a smell you would expect to come from rotting bodies, I must say that they have been doing an unnaturally great job at keeping the shop clean and smell-free.

Another detail, if you look at the leftmost mirror on the first floor from a certain angle, you might notice a strange light reflection, and if you look close enough, you might even see a very blurry small face silhouette. It looked to me like an unerasable evidence of a horrible crime.

To the second floor. If you take a closer look at the opening in the wooden floor, you will see that the small body closer to the room wall is holding a rocket toy in its hand. One very similar to what Craggle Wobbletop is usually selling to kids to play with.

While you are still on the second floor, mute the music and hear only the ambience for a little while. I don't know if it was my ears playing games to me but at one time, I felt like I heard a disturbing sound of a child as I was sitting in that room. I don't remember the exact time but it was well past the midnight.

If we bring everything together, it is obvious that two small kids were horribly murdered in Genevieve's Barber Shop and to me only someone so cold-blooded would be such careless about hiding what they did.

As you might have already guessed by now, the little body remains you saw on the second floor of the barber shop belongs to Donna and William. Those little kids you see continuously running around in the streets are nothing but their ghosts.

Eom of Silvermoon
Written by Eom of Silvermoon · 16 May 2017
I thank you fellow adventurer, for stopping by. I hope that you liked what you read and consider it worthy of sharing with your friends.


Alunaria Alunaria
18 May 2017 19:05 UTC

Gosh! What a heartbreaking story. I need to pay that Barbershop a visit in the nearby future...I think...I had no idea.

Thank you for your always in depth writing with the greatest attention to detail, Eom :) Despite the tragic outcome, I really enjoyed reading it.

Eom Eom
19 May 2017 06:13 UTC

Thank you, Alunaria. It means a lot to hear such nice and encouraging words from a fellow adventurer who also writes about their adventures. Thank you for mentioning this post on your blog :)

Rex Rex
19 Oct 2018 23:35 UTC

In fact the ORIGINAL barber "Sween Neetod" (pun on Sweeney Todd) was the killer. He was a goblin barber, but was removed when Wrath of the Lich King went live.

Eom Eom
20 Oct 2018 02:40 UTC

Hi Rex, and welcome! :)

Thank you very much for your contribution about the past of this barber shop in Stormwind. Since I started only after Mists of Pandaria expansion, I don't have much knowledge about the (recent) history of World of Warcraft, so any such information is highly appreciated.

After your comment, I did some research about Sween Neetod and found a little info (as you shared) and even a picture of him on these pages: (old barber) (new barber)

It looks Sween Neetod was not replaced with Jelinek, but his name and race were changed, that's probably why Wowhead lists Jelinek when you do a search for "Sween Neetod", and does not list a separate NPC with that name.

Safe travels in your Azeroth adventures!

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