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Eom of Silvermoon

What Is Hidden Beneath Ironforge?

Written by Eom

There is a big locked door in The High Seat, the throne room of Ironforge, which seems to be always closed no matter when you visit the city. What could the Dwarves be hiding behind that locked door?..

Hello fellow adventurers,

In a recent post, I talked about the huge underground cavern beneath Ironforge, the mighty Dwarven capital, which had increased my curiosity about the city and what unknown secrets the Dwarves might be hiding beneath it. If you have read that post or explored the underground cavern it refers to, you would already know that at the end of the path that you follow in the cavern, there are two locked doors protected by guards.

After exploring the cavern thoroughly, as I was leaving it thinking what important things could have been hidden behind those doors so that they are not only locked but also protected by guards, I noticed that there was another locked door in The High Seat room. This discovery definitely boosted my interest for investigating the city deeper; hence, in this post I will continue my Ironforge explorations with talking about that locked door in the throne room.


What Is Hidden Beneath Ironforge? - 1

You will find The High Seat to the southwest of The Great Forge which is at the center of the city. You won't see the room's name on the map but if you find The Great Forge and go directly southwest from it, you will see the entrance of the room. It's the orange area on the map above.

When you enter the room, walk a few steps towards the Dwarven Council and then turn back. On your right, you will see the open door that leads to Old Ironforge, the underground cavern. On your left, you will see an equally sized door that is symmetrically placed on the other side of the room entrance.

What Is Hidden Beneath Ironforge? - 2

As you will notice, this door is locked. It doesn't have any signs of being interactive as you don't see anything when you bring your cursor over the door, but still, it sure is a locked door. Not only it is a locked door but considering the symmetric elements in Dwarven architecture, and considering the open door on the right of the entrance that is leading to the huge underground cavern, it is only natural to think that this locked door may be opening to a similar chamber.

I have to admit, I passed near this locked door many times before, but I didn't really notice it till I explored the underground cavern on the other side.

My first thought was that this door was used for the room entrance, perhaps to close it in order to protect the Council during attacks. But then I noticed that the door's hinge is located on the other side, which proves that it is opened in the same way the open door that leads to the underground cavern is opened.

I tried hard to see what's behind the door, even jumped from the top of one of the thrones with a Goblin Glider to reach to the wall ledge hoping to see anything with the help of some camera angles. Couldn't see anything. I am really curious to know what the Dwarves are hiding behind this door...

I am hoping that one day this door will be opened and we will be able to explore what is hidden beyond just like the other door. Till then, we can only guess what there is behind it.

So, what do you think there is behind this locked door?

Eom of Silvermoon
Written by Eom of Silvermoon · 10 Jan 2016
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