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Eom of Silvermoon

Where Really is the Mage Portal Room in Stormwind?

Written by Eom

There is a tower at the center of the Mage Quarter in Stormwind City, also known as Wizard's Sanctum, with a portal room at its top that any class can use. But is that portal room really inside the tower?

Hello fellow adventurers,

If you have ever played an Alliance character, you have most probably visited the portal room of the so called "Mage Tower" in Stormwind City at least once in your travels. As a human and a frequent visitor of Stormwind, I have been using the Stormwind portal cloaks frequently during my adventures. These cloaks, like any Stormwind portal from another city or like the Mage portal spell, send you to the portal room at the top of the Wizard's Sanctum tower in the Mage Quarter.

I have teleported to and from this portal room countless times, but it was only recently that I have noticed something strange about this room. I will explain what it is with the help of some screenshots below.

So, let's visit the Mage Quarter and have a detailed look at the tower and the portal room from the outside.

Where Really is the Mage Portal Room in Stormwind? - 1

This shot is taken from the west side of the tower. You can see the top room at the center of the image, and to the right of that room, there is a mini tower attached to that room, that's about half in width compared to the main tower.

All seems to be fine so far but things start to get confusing when you enter the tower.

There's only one entrance to the tower, which you reach after climbing the radial pathway that circles around the tower. If you can't fly yet, you can use this pathway, otherwise, you can reach the entrance on the east side of the tower easily via your flying mount.

After you enter the tower, you will see a stairway going upwards spirally. Don't forget to say "Hi" to Sparkbright while you are there :)

Where Really is the Mage Portal Room in Stormwind? - 2

If you compare the size of this stairway area, you will notice that it is as wide as the main top room we saw from the outside in the first screenshot. Now, follow the stairway to the top and you will see a green portal covered with purple runewords. Enter through the portal.

You won't see a loading screen but if you are paying attention, you may notice a small delay, just a tiny fraction of a second, almost unnoticeable, while going through the portal. I will explain why that small delay happens soon but for the moment, let's see what the portal room looks like.

Where Really is the Mage Portal Room in Stormwind? - 3

The room looks pretty normal; there are some bookshelves, a couple of Mage trainers, a blue portal to Hellfire Peninsula and another portal just like the one you entered through, which is not active as far as I know. Nothing unusual, right? But is that really, so?

Just walk towards the other end of the room, look around yourself and especially look above, at the ceiling, to have a better idea of the size of the room. The room is quite large and the ceiling is pretty high; my guess would be around 40 meters.

Now, go back and check the first image that was taken from the outside of the tower. Knowing that the top main room is where the spiral stairway is, there really is no physical space for the large portal room inside the tower, right? Well, this is because, which also explains the small delay while going through the portal, the portal room is actually not physically behind that portal, it is not physically located inside that Mage tower.

If you have a keen eye, you will also notice that behind the first portal that you use for entering the portal room, there's nothing. No doors to a room or anything like that. And when you enter through the portal -both ways- your character spawns about 2 meters away from the portal. That portal just gives the illusion of entering into a room that's directly behind it.

With the light of all the above points, we can safely conclude that the portal room is not really inside the Mage tower, Wizard's Sanctum. So, the question is: Where is the portal room if it is not in the tower? My guess would be somewhere in Stormwind City, but I have no information on this. If you have any ideas about the location of the portal room, I would be happy to hear.

Eom of Silvermoon
Written by Eom of Silvermoon · 18 Dec 2015
I thank you fellow adventurer, for stopping by. I hope that you liked what you read and consider it worthy of sharing with your friends.


Pizzadog Pizzadog
21 Apr 2018 21:09 UTC

It's underneath Stormwind, at the same coordinates as the mage tower. This is why your character does not jump somewhere else on the minimap when you enter the portal.

Eom Eom
21 Apr 2018 22:16 UTC

Hello Pizzadog,

Thanks for your comment and for the info! I hadn't paid attention to that minimap icon detail before. What you say makes absolute sense.

MasterW15 MasterW15
22 Apr 2018 09:27 UTC

I like to think the room is the same place the tower is, but floating up in the skies (explaining the light coming out of the windows), just way too far from the ground to be seen.

It would be cool if it was physically there so you could actually go with your flying mount. I think it would also seem like something a bunch of mages would do (studying in a floating building just because).

Eom Eom
22 Apr 2018 09:50 UTC

Hello MasterW15,

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts :) Yes, it would be more magical to have a floating portal room, but we gotta think of players with no flying mount too :)

Me Me
22 May 2018 17:39 UTC

Nobody gets there by flying and if it's underground there would be no windows with light coming in.

It's actually just an artifact of game design. The original tower was too small for the room, so they placed it off-screen who's location has no bearing on the actual lore or game world from the players perspective.

Eom Eom
23 May 2018 01:26 UTC

Hello Me (that sure sounded weird!),

Thanks for stopping by, reading, and sharing your thoughts. The lights from the windows seem like just an illusion, after all, they can put lights anywhere they want in a digitally created world, even in the underground, eh? :)

I know where it is located has no importance, I just enjoy noticing and thinking about such details, and talking about them with fellow adventurers :)

Coordination Coordination
21 Jun 2018 01:21 UTC

The actual room is definitely located under the tower, you can tell when you have quests to pick up or turn in, the minimap indicator will show that the NPC is below you even when standing at the base of the tower.

Eom Eom
21 Jun 2018 01:37 UTC

Hello Coordination,

That's actually quite a nice detail you caught. I don't remember ever having quests in the Mage Tower (never played a Mage beyond low levels and haven't seen all the content yet) so I didn't see any quest icons while visiting the tower.

I will make sure to look around and on the ground and also inside the nearby buildings more carefully, the next time I visit the Mage Quarter.

WillSJumm WillSJumm
6 Sep 2018 22:55 UTC

Easy to say I can confirm it is under the tower. Make a DH and use your Wallhack thingy. Maybe you see rabbits. If you mark them and get out of the "tower" you can find them behind the tower.

Eom Eom
25 Sep 2018 07:25 UTC

Hello WillSJumm,

Thanks for the tip! I don't have a Demon Hunter at this time, but I will surely remember your tip and check it when I create one. Hopefully it won't be fixed till that time.

Serendipity Serendipity
30 Nov 2018 10:39 UTC


I stumbled on this last night and concluded it must be underground. I noticed that one of the quest givers in the Mage Towers was showing in the minimap as beneath me, while I was standing at ground level in the Mage District.

Eom Eom
1 Dec 2018 07:03 UTC

Hello Serendipity,

Thanks for stopping by and reading :) I never noticed that detail since I don't remember any available quest for me in the Mage Tower yet, but then again I still haven't experienced a big part of World of Warcraft. I surely will remember to have a closer look if/when I see such a quest.

Nice choice of name by the way, don't know what the source of yours is but there's a film with that name that I like a lot.

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