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Eom of Silvermoon

Zilgrakkrath, The Eternal Protector of Azeroth

Written by Eom

Witness the rise and fall of Zilgrakkrath, The Eternal Protector of Azeroth, a mighty creature of unknown origin, who had fought alongside the old gods against evil forces that people of Azeroth have long forgotten.

If you haven't done already, please also check my post about The Gigantic Creature Fossil in Dragonblight before you start reading this story, where I wrote an introduction which will help you better understand the creature this story is referring to.


Zilgrakkrath, is the name that was given to this mighty creature of earth, water and air, by the ancient Troll tribes of Kalimdor. Never known what its origin was, only few who saw it were able to survive to speak of it. Not that it attacked anything moving on sight, but even a brief sight of its humongous body was enough to cause the weak-hearted to get paralyzed or even to pass away. It lived mostly under the water and within the fiery caverns close to the core of the world, though, when seeking for prey, its gigantic wings covered the sky creating shadows on the ground that lasted for minutes.

Though it was neutral by nature to most kinds, its punishment was catastrophic for those who did wrong to it or to one other. If you ever find a chance to visit Zul'Farrak in the southern deserts of Kalimdor, you can still see some stone tablets that depict how Zilgrakkrath hunted down Hssiliyuth, the water snake god of Troll tribes, that lived thousands of leagues under the sea. There is a chance the stone tablets might have been long lost, hidden under the sands but you can still see the remains of Hssiliyuth in the western depths of Azuremyst Isle, in its final resting place, after a long fight that lasted across the whole continent.

Zilgrakkrath, The Eternal Protector of Azeroth - 1

It was believed that Zilgrakkrath was the eternal protector of Azeroth, who fought alongside the old gods against the World Enders, during the now-forgotten War of The Ending. Playing a big role in that war, Zilgrakkrath was left in peace by the old gods and the people of Azeroth for many tens of thousands of years.

Coming to an older age and observing the peace around Azeroth for many generations, Zilgrakkrath then retired to its home, which was rumored to be under an island north of Kalimdor, where after a long time, the new world tree of Night Elves, Teldrassil, was going to rise.

Though the peace on Azeroth lasted for many thousand years, it was definitely not going to be everlasting...

Titans came to Azeroth, re-shaping the world and all of its habitants the way they desired. No doubt that some good came out of what they did on Azeroth, but also an unexpected evil came out of their actions. To contain the evil and to be able to continue with their master plan, they needed to re-shape the whole world and its habitants.

Zilgrakkrath, The Eternal Protector of Azeroth - 2

It was when they all gathered and started their ultimate world transforming ritual -which was supposed to change Azeroth into a very different place than what we know today- in Ulduar, at the northern heights of The Storm Peaks, that Zilgrakkrath woke up from its thousand-year sleep. Noticing the source of disruption coming from Northrend, the world almost being torn apart and something needed to be done about it, Zilgrakkrath quickly started to fly towards the snowy continent.

As Zilgrakkrath was very old and haven't fed for a long time, it lost its balance for a fraction of a second and fell from the sky to the land, in northern Kalimdor. You can still see the crater its claw created when it crashed on the ground in Moonglade. It is now full of water, called Lake Elune'ara. If you take a closer look to this lake from the sky, you can still see the claw mark today.

Zilgrakkrath, The Eternal Protector of Azeroth - 3

Trying to regain its strength by hunting some giant octolipus on its way to Northrend, it didn't take long for Zilgrakkrath to reach Ulduar.

Feeling something of immense power was approaching, the High Titans sent Titan Entereos, one of the mightiest Titan Guardians, to check what was coming and to prevent any potential interruptions that would cause their ritual to fail.

With the burden of protecting Azeroth on its shoulders once more, Zilgrakkrath dashed towards Entereos and broke it into two with its enormous claw, after reading Entereos' mind and realizing what it was that they were doing and how devastative it was going to be for Azeroth.

Zilgrakkrath had difficulty locating where the ritual was happening as there was a dense focus of energy lines and spiritual formations all around. At that point, suspicious of Entereos' absence for long, High Titan Titanius paused the ritual and ordered all Titan Guardians, there were now ninety nine of them, to go out and take care of whatever it was that was causing the trouble.

Zilgrakkrath, The Eternal Protector of Azeroth - 4

The Titan Guardians came out of Ulduar and when they saw the fallen corpse of Entereos laying on the ground, they charged towards Zilgrakkrath, not paying attention to its humongous size as they had seen much larger creatures during their campaigns across the universe.

Ninety nine mighty Titan Guardians, all of them with different special powers and all kinds of magic you can and cannot think of, attacked Zilgrakkrath at the same time, determined to destroy the creature and avenge their fallen brother. It was a long fight, Zilgrakkrath got almost deadly wounds, it almost fell but for Azeroth, it had to stop the Titans. So, even it caused to spend the last blood droplet in its veins, it continued to slay the Titan Guardians one by one.

When the might of the battle faded, only one Guardian had left, which hastily ran back to the inner chamber of Ulduar to warn the High Titans.

Led by Titanius, the supreme leader of Titans' Azeroth campaign, all the High Titans came out of Ulduar to confront whatever it was that interrupted their ritual. When he saw Zilgrakkrath, Titanius whispered "what a beautiful creature", to his companions. Feeling great pain for his fallen Guardians inside, Titanius tried to mind control Zilgrakkrath as a fight against the creature would result in more loss of his kind.

It was the first time Zilgrakkrath was feeling such a powerful being, and though it did not succeed to fully take control of its mind, the powerful spell Titanius cast was able to prevent its attacks. The High Titans quickly gathered as a circle around Zilgrakkrath and focused all their energies on the creature. It took days for the Titans to totally be able to contain Zilgrakkrath. Bound by the strong magical forces around itself, Zilgrakkrath was not able to move or cast any counter spells of his own. So, it finally stopped resisting.

Spending a great deal of their energies on containing the creature, Titanius realized that they would not be able to continue their ritual as it also required a great deal of energy. They would either destroy the creature and have many more of them destroyed with and perhaps fail their master plan, or keep it prisoned and leave Azeroth to recharge their energies in their home world, get reinforcements with upgraded powers and keep the transformation of Azeroth to a later time. He chose the second option.

Titanius, quickly examining the creature's body and its composition, concluded that it can only be kept under control by their spells if its body was kept under the water. So, with the help of their spells, they brought Zilgrakkrath to the sea shore, far south of Ulduar, as they did not want to keep it close to where they would be continuing their ritual once they came back. With a final charge of their focus, Zilgrakkrath was put into a magic barrier by the Titans, from which it would never be able to flee.

Before leaving Azeroth, the High Titans ordered Alakron, the Titan Guardian who had survived Zilgrakkrath's attacks, to watch over Zilgrakkrath and the ritual chamber in Ulduar until they return.

Zilgrakkrath, The Eternal Protector of Azeroth - 5


The place they prisoned Zilgrakkrath under the water is now known as Dragonblight, where you can still see the remains of a huge path running from North to South, later called as Path of the Titans, as it was built, and used by Alakron every single day during its patrol from Ulduar to the south shore, to check Zilgrakkrath in its prison.

It is also rumored that during the thousands of years of wait -which is a small period in Titans' timescale- for his brethren to come back from their home world, Alakron, charmed by the size and the beauty of the creature, casted a self-cloning spell on Zilgrakkrath, that slowly consumed the creature, eventually leading to its death and transforming Alakron to the proto-dragon the people of Azeroth would then call as Galakrond.

It is not known for how long Zilgrakkrath continued to live and if or when did the Titans came back but if you visit Dragonblight today, you will see there is a new temple built just on the Path of the Titans. Follow the path from the temple to the south and at the point where the path meets the sea, you will see the remains of Zilgrakkrath, once the Eternal Protector of Azeroth.


Eom of Silvermoon
Written by Eom of Silvermoon · 8 Dec 2015
I thank you fellow adventurer, for stopping by. I hope that you liked what you read and consider it worthy of sharing with your friends.


Alunaria Alunaria
23 Jun 2017 09:13 UTC

...Wow. I'm speechless.

Thank you so much for such a captivating story.

Fantastic work on blending fiction and lore.

I'm not "much into the Titans" but this makes them far more interesting, so thank you for that too.

Chilling. Well written! Thank you for making the world of Azeroth become more alive for your readers :)

Eom Eom
23 Jun 2017 16:31 UTC

Alunaria, thank you for your encouraging words! I am glad that you liked it as much as I do.

This is my first completed fan-fic story about World of Warcraft. A short one, but I felt strongly about it as I was writing it. At later readings, I thought I could have made it longer with more scenes and details, but I believed that the core of the story was well presented here, so I decided to keep it as is. Perhaps, I might write a longer, more in-depth, story about Zilgrakkrath, in the future, because I really liked it as a being in Azeroth.

Not only in WoW but also in general, Titans grab my attention a lot. Supreme beings capable of unimaginable things, who have access to time and space as they will. Not referring to Sargeras of Legion but I will definitely be happy to see more Titan themed zones, instances and stories in WoW. Things that do not reveal much, cause even more questions, and make your mind wander beyond the limits of creation...

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